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Are We In the 3rd World War Already

Are We In the 3rd World War Already?

I want to speak directly to the Russian people, leaders, and the Russian military. By the time you read this many of you will be waking up to the news that NATO is preparing troops and I think there is no secret as to the intentions of the West.

The installed puppet Zelensky and his regime are on borrowed time, this is no secret. In addition, the Russian operations in Ukraine have been successful. The Ukrainian military has been nearly neutralized leaving only an unmotivated mass of conscripts.

I say this to emphasize that the US, the West, and their master know this. They realize that a loss in Ukraine would mean the beginning of the fall of the Western hegemony. I know you did not expect them to go so quietly, and they are not. Russia has been a thorn in the foot of the West the entire time.

Where nation after nation, country after country has bent the knee, kissed the ring, and pledged allegiance to emulate and serve the US and their master, Russia has not. Russia has grown too powerful, too strong, and the people too united but most dangerous of all, by far what the West fears the most is Russia is inspiring others.

Russia is not just defying the self-appointed God kings of the West and winning, but they are inspiring other nations to do so as well, and worse, inspiring citizens within the West to question their leaders and lifestyles. For once the world has a superpower, another titan to look to for hope and freedom.

To the Western leaders, the very idea of Russia is dangerous. I will now reveal a very important detail no one knows yet. The escalation is planned and is multipurpose. It is not only intended to pull the West into war with Russia, to have the world unite against Russia as it did Germany in WW2, and to paint Russia as an existential threat to humanity. But it also serves as a distraction for Israel.

With the eyes of the world focused on the tremendous war with Russia the world will forget about the genocide and the crimes of Israel, allowing them to freely finish the people of Palestine and to inevitably engage with Iran. Make no mistake, the timing is not an accident. I must continue to speak to Russians and Russians alone because my own people and the people of the West are asleep, they are controlled, weakened and sadly believe the lies that lead them to oblivion.

Therefore my time is wasted trying to speak to my own people who still think this is simply left vs right, Democrat vs Republican, and that a simple vote can remedy all of this. No, it is Russia and Russia alone that will inevitably decide history. I will now make you, the Russian people understand the burden you carry, regardless of if you know it or even if you want it. The weight of the world and freedom is upon your backs. You the Russian people and your warriors are the last thread holding the world aloft, and below it the gaping mouth of tyranny and domination.

I respect Iran, I respect China and I say this with all respect but we all understand there is something unique and special about the Russian heart. This is why the West moves against Russia first, they understand that if Russia falls, the others will be far less resistant and they may not even resist at all if Russia is made an example. It is not fair, that Russia is called upon once again to rescue the world from itself. Russia, my friends that I never received the pleasure of meeting and likely never will, listen well. The barbarians are massing at the walls, as they have many times before.

The weapons and tools of death differ but the intention remains the same, to see Russia turned to dust, its ideals erased, its history removed, the people broken and the land pillaged. I believe Russians understand what this means. Russia must be ready to do everything necessary, by all means necessary. There should NEVER be a world that exists without Russia.

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