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oba solo

King Solomon On Curiosity Made Me Ask !

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America de Attack Nigeria Again; American Government says they will Go after Nigerians

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SAA Begins Wide-scale Operation

SAA Begins Wide-scale Operation in the region of Ilegal Al-Tanf US military base

The Syrian Arab Army has begun a wide-scale operation in the region of Al-Tanf US military base, with Russian advisors and training, to exterminate NATO-backed terrorists and remains of the Islamic State

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Are We In the 3rd World War Already

Are We In the 3rd World War Already?

I want to speak directly to the Russian people, leaders, and the Russian military. By the time you read this many of you will be waking up to the news that NATO is preparing troops and I think there is ...

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NLC and TUC Strike | Minimum wage must be tied to a maximum wage – Seun Kuti

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Johnny Wactor

Actor Johnny Wactor shot dead in Los Angeles

A long-time veteran of the TV soap, General Hospital, Johnny Wactor, has been shot dead in Los Angeles. Wactor was killed on Saturday in a robbery that turned wrong. He died at age 37. The actor reportedly mistook masked thieves stealing his car for ...

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did mossad do it

Raisi’s Death just changed EVERYTHING for Iran, Did Israel Do It?

With The Duran & Glenn Diesen

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mansa seun

My take on the proposed new bill for Dr@g traff$ckers by Nigeria Senate – Seun kuti

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seun kuti

Seun Kuti Discusses Fela Kuti’s Legacy, His New Album, and Pan-African Ideals | Exclusive Interview

“Seun Kuti, the youngest son of the iconic Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, began his musical journey at the tender age of nine, expressing a desire to sing alongside his father. Soon after, he started performing with Fela and his renowned ...

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Berlin 1884 Divide Africa and Conquer By The colonizers

Berlin 1884: Divide and Conquer Africa By The colonizers

Berlin 1884: The conference that divided Africa The colonizers sat in Berlin in Germany to divide Africa among themselves as their personal and private properties. This was done at their free will without the presence of any Africañ.   They freely ...

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