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I wonder how the academics see themselves – My Story

I was already a lecturer in Nigeria in 1992, having got my BA in 1990.Life was tough for academics. The profession was seen as poor even by non-academics.The claim that academics were economically empowered is not true, as most were ...

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Iyawo story by Orunmila -Orisa of Wisdom, Knowledge, Destiny and Divination

The Original Oodua (Yoruba) Word For Wife Is Aya Not Iyawo.

Did you know that the original word for wife in the Oodua (Yoruba) language is AYA and not IYAWO? The latter is quite commonly used nowadays than the former. I would take you through how Iyawo came about; Wura who ...

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Chemistry Vs Chemical Engineering

Switching From Chemistry To Chemical Engineering, Please help!

Good evening guys. I’m sorry for the long story. But it’s serious PleasePlease I need your opinions on this issue bothering me. I am an Industrial chemistry graduate. I graduated last year and just completed my NYSC. I want to ...

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ASUU threatens to skip sessions missed during strike over ‘no-work, no-pay’

Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has threatened to skip the backlog of academic sessions halted by their seven months strike if the federal government persists on the no work no pay rule. ASUU members, mainly of the University of ...

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 ASUU: Our issues not fully addressed

The Academic Staff Union of Universities on Friday called off its eight-month-old strike. However, the union in a media statement made offered to Ooduarere noted that the problems in its disputes with the Federal Government weren’t well addressed.The press release, ...

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book stories from ifa

New book with stories from Ifá.

Illustrated with great pictures by Devin Cole. Sales link: People say: “Nobody can compare their luck to that of Mèriyé…”Mèriyé and the Forbidden Forest is an adventurous story about friendship and the importance of following the path that is meant ...

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Chart : Analyze this and see the best anti-inflation system in existence -₿

Analyze this chart and see the best anti-inflation system in existence. That was the big reason why ₿itcoin was created and launched in 2009 shortly after the 2008 global financial meltdown. (Just after the death of Pure Ponzi Pyramid Scheme ...

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How To Stop Insects From Your House

Get Salt, Kerosene And Any Detergent And Do This. Many have wasted a lot of money on insecticide, not knowing that there is also another way through which you can also get rid of insects both the ones flying and ...

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Today (June 20, 2020), is the longest day of the year

For those who have been following the weather (especially children who play a lot, adults who fast, and Muslims who pray around 7 in the evening), you may have noticed that dusk comes much later, and lasts for longer. (Dusk ...

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Coding: The language kids can learn faster than Adults

Across the entire world, the conversion of information right into a digital format – also known as “digitalization” – has increased productivity in people and private sectors. Consequently, practically every country on the planet is working towards an electronic digital economy. As ...

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