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lion dead walking

The Greatest Lion dies miserably

No matter how long it lives, the Greatest Lion will eventually die miserably. That’s the world! They may die young from injuries they sustained while defending their Pride. They may die old, enfeebled by age. At their Peak, they rule, chase other ...

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international conference

International conference of men who haven’t cheated on their wives

This is the venue of the international conference for men who haven’t cheated on their wives. Only one man had arrived since Monday morning. Even the organisers of the event are yet to arrive.

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Say No to Cancel Culture: Akara is not Bean cake since Pizza is Pizza

Akara Is Not “Bean Cake”,  Moi_Moi Is Not “Bean Pudding”,  Abacha Is Not “African Salad”,  Garri Is Not “Cassava Flakes/Flour”,  Akamu Is Not “Pap”,  Eba Is Not “Baked Cassava Flour”. Respect Our Culture And Stop Translating The Names Of Our ...

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My take on the Lagos – Calabar Coastal highway | SEUN KUTI

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thomas sankara

“He who feeds you, controls you” – Legend Thomas Sankara’s legacy lives on

In only 4 years in power (1983-87), Thomas Sankara Built 350 schools, roads, and railways without foreign aid     Increased literacy rate by 60%     Banned forced marriages     Gave poor people land     Vaccinated 2.5 million kids  Planted 10 million trees  ...

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Breweries are necessary, but roads are not, Peter Obi’s message – Reno

If you are from Lagos, Ondo, Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa-Ibom and Cross-River, do note that the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway will explode the GDP of your states, by shortening the distance between you and both Lagos and Port-Harcourt by more than ...

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Chinese man caught on Camera beating Africans like slaves

Video: Chinese man caught on Camera treating Africans like slaves

A Chinese company invested in an African country, and this is how a Chinese boss treats his African employees, like slaves. Employees should never be treated like this regardless of what they did.

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Seun russia china

“Africa” The Home Of White Privileges | What You Should Know – Seun Kuti

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Andrei Martyanov

Stand-up Strategy

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Why EFCC Is Taking The Naira Abuse Seriously – Seun Kuti

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