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The Fraudulent motive behind Special purpose vehicle (SPV) in Nigeria – Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti Explains the ulterior motive behind Special purpose various (SPV) and the need for Nigerians to wake up.

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The Story of Rwandan Genocide that Media wants to hide | World News

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See what happened in Ghana as America Vice President Kamala Harris Visit’s. This can’t be in Nigeria

The American Vice President Kamala Harris is currently visiting African countries to establish a better relationship between America and African countries. Her visit to Ghana left many Africans shock as the Ghanaian security was well checked by the Americans at ...

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obafemi awo

Obafemi Awolowo Speaks on His Relationship with the Ibos: An excerpt from a town hall interview in Abeokuta in 1983.👇🏽👇🏽

CIVIL WAR Question: Chief Awolowo, …Your stand on the civil war, however unpopular it might have been to the Biafrans or Ibo people, helped to shorten the war. Today, you’re being castigated as the sole enemy of the Ibo people ...

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Is Ghana copying from Nigeria?

Ghana ends Fuel subsidy immediately Nigeria decided to stop it

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nigerians unstoppable

They call Nigerians 419 because they can’t stop them from achieving great results.

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Nigerian Company To Start Making Drones + Innoson Building New Plant In Imo

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nigerians in dubai

Nigerians In Dubai: The Truth!

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great southy

Watch Great South African business man Vusi explain why Nigeria is better than South Africa

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2023 Nigerian Election 🗳️ and my observations

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