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Why You Must Boycott any Infertile Hybrid or GMO Maize Products

Why You Must Boycott any Infertile Hybrid or GMO Maize/Products

Plants are like human beings, their only mission in life is to be able to reproduce themselves. Our forefather’s immune systems are already in symbiosis with Mother Nature. That is inclined to the norms that plants can reproduce themselves.

Our forefather ate mainly hybrids that can reproduce themselves or purely organic food that has the same characteristics.

GMO and other hybrids that cannot reproduce themselves means our digestive system (metabolic system) will be disrupted, unable to absorb more nutrients because these GMO and infertile hybrids do not have all the needed nutrients that organic ones do.

This will in turn do a lot of damage to your DNA system. Many impurities that your body system does not understand, such as toxins that come with GMOs would alter the immune system completely.

You will be weak and unable to fight the endless war in your body system. Just so you know, every day you wake up, you are fighting an endless war within you until you can no longer fight. Don’t help the enemies win at a young age!

Boycott GMO maize! Boycott all the products causing cancer, low fertility, given birth to an imbecile (Omopenu). Plant only organic maize in your backyard. Be sure the product you are eating does not have GMO maize in it. Young boys and girls are getting cancer these days. It is a trap.

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