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Capitalism socialism

Capitalism go kill us!!! – Seun Kuti

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seun ecocomics

Nigeria economic hardship and everything in between | What you should know – Seun Kuti

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Obidients Zikists

Must Read: Obidients/Zikists (6th columnist & 4th Estate) are at war with the Yoruba race.

The Obidient Agenda Against the Oodua (Yoruba) Race 5th columnists are the agents, gatekeepers, permanent puppet of the WEST (Anglozionist empire) used for decades to torment the area called Nigeria. During the last election, we saw the halving of the ...

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seun zombi

Worship a Zombie! become a Zombie! – Seun Kuti

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seun grammy

Nigeria vs South Africa | From grass to grammy – Seun Kuti

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Femi Lazarus knows not what he speak about

Femi Lazarus knows not what he speak about! – Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti on femi Lazarus’s teachings.

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o ti bo

O ti bo – The true meaning of Nigeria!

There was a country;They import drinking waterThey Import toothpickThey import every essential.They will never buy locally-made products. Once they become rich their taste changes.Every little money they make, they carry it abroad to spend on vacation. The money is not ...

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naija hard

Naija hard? Stop that lie! – Seun Kuti

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A devalued currency does not mean a poor economy!

It is fallacious to say Nigeria’s economy is in shambles or in poor condition, or even worse off than where Buhari left it, because of the floating of the Naira. Overall, our economy has expanded, according to the World Bank, ...

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The Naira is not down because of bad governance – Reno

Actually, it was bad governance that kept the Naira artificially high before this era. Nigerian was spending $1.5 billion each month to artificially prop up the value of the Naira under Buhari’s disastrous regime. Please fact-check me. And this was ...

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