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Heart of Compassion

Top 10 approaches to Develop a Heart of Compassion

COMPASSION is a heart that trusts in another’s best when they feel they’re the most exceedingly terrible. We all have such circumstances when we feel useless and futile, and who we need is somebody with sympathy; that they may truly ...

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Top 19 Qualities That Set A TRUE BFF Apart From Just A Regular Friend

There are one or two that stand above the rest. There are some very big differences between a BFF and a regular friend. You could have tons of regular friends, but there is something very different about the relationship that ...

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Check out Top 10 Theories About How Biology Creates A Criminal

Some scientists theorize that criminal science or biology  is distinctive, with the inclination to violate the law encoded in the guilty party’s DNA. To say that somebody is “born bad” is a gross exaggeration, yet researchers have proposed that a ...

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ifa rule

Must Read: The Yoruba spiritual system

The Yoruba spiritual system is not a “revealed” religion made up by a clergy of conartist prophets as seen in Constantine’s Christianity or Muhammad’s Islam less than 1,700 years ago. The Yoruba spiritual system, like all indigenous African systems, was ...

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Ogbe Rikusa ifa Divination

Commitment to the promotion of our cultural heritage where Ifa comes first !


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Ifs University: Olúwa, Ọlọ́run, Olódùmarè. Are these three terms the same?

Olúwa, Ọlọ́run, Olódùmarè. Are these three terms the same? Is this a TOTALLY Yoruba way of addressing GOD? Or do we have influences of Christianity or Islam when we use these terms?

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Can anyone stop the river from flowing? (Must read)

If the answer is no, then nobody can stop Elerii Ipin from delivering miracles. Listen to this sacred message of Olodumare from Ogbe bara as follows :- Ogbe gbarada tan telegan loku Ifa seun gbogbo tan o ku telenu Adifa ...

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Ifa: Check out top 72 Odus

There are 72 Odus that says a Devotee needs to be initiated to Ifa. The list: 1- OGBE WENA 2- OGBE ODI 3- OGBE ROSO 4- OGBE BARA 5- OGBE KANA 6- OGBE YONO (OGUNDA) 7- OGBE KA 8- OGBE ...

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Top 10 Terrorist Organizations Operating In The US

Since the attacks on September eleventh, worldwide activities to stop terrorism have taken place around the globe, most remarkably in the Middle East. With so much consideration concentrated on one specific region, it is anything but difficult to overlook that ...

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Top 10 Odd Looking Sharks You May Not Know Exist !

There are more than 440 types of sharks in the whole world, and that is just tallying what researchers have officially found. There may be a lot more that people may not know of, particularly down in the depths of ...

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