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Post Of The Day: Must See ! ‪#‎EsuIsNotSatan‬

I need not to say more. I think we need more of this kinda cloth. I love it!!! Please pass this round… ‪#‎EsuIsNotSatan‬

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Top 5 Useful tips to help you deal with a Nigerian Policeman

‘The policeman is your friend!’ This statement is feared by numerous Nigerians. This observation is as an aftereffect of some reported experiences that numerous individuals have had with men which led awful end results. While a lot of people have ...

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Ilaje and Itsekiri

Similarities & Differences Between Ilaje And Itsekiri

Was thinking about Some connection between Ilaje and Itsekiri toward the beginning of today , Although I see such a large number of Similarities yet despite everything I see a few Differences between them. Itsekiri Itsekiri are individuals of The ...

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Post Of the Day !

Don’t forget FAIL mean first attempt in learning. Never stop trying. The harder you try, the luckier you get.

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What is the Yoruba Word for Buffalo ?

We are learning on Omo Oodua! . Today…… WHAT’S THE YORUBA WORD FOR BUFFALO (Pictured) With this approach, we have learned that: African Star Apple is Agbalumo Ground Hornbill is Akalamagbo Eagle is Idi Pouched Rat is Okete African Teak ...

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Annuity settlement

Annuity Settlement (Insurance Policy) Options to look into !

Life is an extremely troublesome journey, that is frequently brimming with offensive astonishments. A significant part of the income regularly goes un-invested. Some insurance agencies and investment organizations have think of some extraordinary venture instruments, known as annuities. Now and ...

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Top 5 Secret Of Successful People !

1. Successful people know that true education is what you get for yourself and by yourself. It is not something someone gives or tells you. 2. True Success in life does not come by luck. A lucky man is not ...

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3 Ways to Groom Sporting Talents for Nigeria

Nigeria is a country replete with sporting talents however, the country is yet to aggregate these talents into medal-winning performances at international sports events. The few young talents that have found themselves at the top have done it through their ...

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Annuity Settlements

Annuity Settlements: Top 4 Things to take note of !

What is annuity settlement? The best answer to this inquiry can truly help you in making a decent measure of cash for yourself with the assistance of different venture arrangements and settlements. Annuity settlement is for the most part an ...

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naming in Yoruba Culture

Concept of Naming in Yoruba Culture

My brother had a baby. Well, not my brother exactly. His wife was the one who had the baby. Either way, I have a new nephew. My nephew’s arrival made me think about his naming ceremony. Naming ceremonies are a ...

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