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time at the hotel

Check out 4 Ways To Have A Wonderful Time At The Hotel

At the reception, the delectable receptionist welcomes you with a charming smile, she ask few questions, gives you the key to your and ushers you off to your room with that brief courtesy. For the moment, her job is done and ...

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female Bracelet watches

Top 4 Watch Designs Every Lady Must Have

With regards to watch designs, ladies are sure spoilt for decision. You will discover watches to suit your needs, your tastes in style and distinctive events. In the event that you have a fetish for watches, you must have these ...

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ooni of ife

Ooni Of Ife is the King Of All Orisa & Mortal Representative of God On Earth

ILE-IFE is the source of the World where every existence commenced from the beginning. In the beginning, the world was without form and the spirit of darkness was the soul of the universe until the Almighty GOD manifested “OSANGANRI-GANRI OBAMAKIN ...

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street slangs

Top 5 Street Slangs you Must Know When you in Lagos

Lagos is the heartbeat of Nigeria-economically, socially and otherwise. From the comical to the puzzling and the most shocking, it all happens in this city of over 15 million people. It is a fascinating place to be. Due to the complexities ...

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Check out 6 Money Management Tips for Spendthrift Travellers

There is rarely anything you can do without money. It is like the air you breathe on a daily basis. With money, you can plan a fantastic and out-of-this-world vacation with friends, families and your significant other in Calabar or in any ...

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Pastor UsaniUsani Uguru

#Ministerialscreening: Senate screens Pastor Usani Uguru… Pst. Fails to Acknowledge Traditional Religion

  The senate has screened ministerial nominee one Usani Uguru from Cross River state. A previous Commissioner for youths and games in Cross Rivers state. Amid his presentation, Uhuru said unemployment and moral decadence is a key variable responsible for ...

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african traditional religion symbol

Please excuse my tautology, it’s Monday!!!

The Indians venerate their ancestors and worship their gods in their own image. The Japanese and Chinese venerate their ancestors and worship their god(s) in their own image. Even the Arabs and Europeans venerate their ancestors and worship their god(s) ...

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Yoruba Festival

Mooko-mooka: Akoto ede Yoruba

Mooko-mooka: Akoto ede Yoruba Ni abala mooko-mooka ose yii, akoto ede Yoruba ni a maa gbe yewo. Akoto je ona ti n gba ko ede Yoruba sile laye ode-oni. Eleyii to yato si ti aye atijo.   Aye Atijo Aye ...

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nuclear plant

Ever Wonder How a Nuclear Plant Makes low-cost and efficient Electricity ? (Video)

Ever wonder how a nuclear plant like Watts Bar makes low-cost electricity? The heat created by nuclear fission is captured and used to create steam. The steam is used to turn a series of large turbines connected to a huge ...

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Ifa Orisa beads

Ifa/Orisa beads !

I have seen lot of people that believe Ifa/Orisa beads are meant for fashion. Some people even used the bead only in their house but when they are going to somewhere important, they will remove it and put it in ...

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