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Yoruba Festival

Mooko-mooka: Akoto ede Yoruba

Mooko-mooka: Akoto ede Yoruba

Ni abala mooko-mooka ose yii, akoto ede Yoruba ni a maa gbe yewo. Akoto je ona ti n gba ko ede Yoruba sile laye ode-oni. Eleyii to yato si ti aye atijo.


Aye Atijo Aye ode-oni
1 Ase Ase O
2 Agbagba Agbaagba
3 Agbelebu Agbelebuu
4 Agbowode Agbowoode/ Agbowo-ode
5 Aisedede Aisedeede
6 Aiyekoto Ayekooto
7 Ake Aake
8 Alabaro Alabaaro
9 Aladugbo Aladuugbo
10 Aladura Aladuura
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