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get lucky

Lucky Punch? Step by step instructions on how to Get Lucky

Would you like to get lucky? Really, there are a lot of methods for generating fortunes throughout your life, a lot taking into account essential research that has been done in the most recent  quarter of the century. One of ...

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The most effective way to Handle A Tire Burst While Driving At Top Speed (Pics)

The most effective way to Handle A Tire Burst While Driving At Top Speed (Pics)

There is not doubt that a tire blowout ranks the most astounding on any interstate driver’s list of fears. In light of current circumstances, as a tire burst could prompt a complete loss of auto control. With SUVs and MUVs, ...

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Oloye Yemi Elebuibon

Awon ojo ile Yoruba (Yoruba Days Of The Week)

Oloye Yemi Elebuibon, The Araba of Osogbo, tells us about the Yoruba days of the week and their origin. Tunde Kelani is known for his great movies such as Saworo Ide, Agogo Eewo, Oleku, Ti Oluwa nile, etc. Ọjọ́ Àìkú ...

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What is the meaning of Owo ? (Must Read)

Owo means protection, it guides and protecting people from accidents, sickness,thieves,evils and and also used for promotions and so on. Owo is very important that if someone have money without protection the money is wasted,if someone have child with not ...

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About Egungun (The Ancestral Spirits)

By Babalawo Pele Obasa Obanifa. In Yoruba culture and spirituality, especially in IFA. There is a concrete believe in the existence of spirits of the departed ancestors,this kind of believe is the foundation of the diety called Egungun. Egungun (the ...

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What causes Major Tire Burst Accidents In Nigeria

What causes major tyre blowout Accidents In Nigeria ? (Must read)

A lot of people have been pondering what could be the reason for the unremitting tyre burst mischances on Nigerian roads. The significant cause is that we put to much pressure/air in our tyre. How do I know the right ...

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right of the way

Let me see who can drive! What is your final answer ?

See my final answer when you continue after the page break

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ifa dida

Ifa Dida: All questions always have answers (Must Read)

Ifa Dida!!! We consult Ifa so as to know which step to take in order not to go astray. Someone may consult Ifa because of money but Ifa may foresee death on the person which means the person need to ...

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Herbal Cure for Thyroid: Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism

This article is dedicated to my amiable humble lovely admin, for job well done olodumare continue to bless you ase, I will not go into complexity of defining thyroid because of space and time, I will address straight two types ...

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Iyemoja: Facts About Orisa Yemoja (Must read)

Translated by babalawo Pele Obasa Obanifa Yemoja is one of the most important female deity in yoruba spirituality, that has a very close association with water elements.yemoja is a godess of fertility and love because Yemoja name her self mean mother ...

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