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Facts About Orisa Aje: The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity 

Translated by Babalawo Pele Obasa Obanifa Aje is a Godess of wealth and economic prosperity, this orisha aid the accumulation of wealth and prevent dwindling of one’s economic growth, aje olokun seni ade, omon bibi inu olokun ni (Aje is ...

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orisa oya

Facts About Orisa Oya: The God Of The Wind

Oya is one of the most important female Orisa in yoruba spirituality, although people who embrace this Orisa from different part of the world some time called this Orisa different name like :oya Yasan, lansa, oya ola, oya ajere(carrier of ...

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Ogbe Rikusa ifa Divination

Check out Ofun Otura Story

When the sheep talks For we humans, it is hard to ascribe wisdom to a sheep. We consider it stupid; a timid, shy creature easily led by others. But, Ofun Otura has presented us with a unique story, where a ...

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Ìyámi Òsòròngà

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Quote of the day

Aboru Aboye: Quote of the day

“Relax!!! You want: money good cars big house designer cloth vacation big life and all good things. But do you know what will be the end of everything? Death!!! As you are trying to acquire all this good things of ...

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esu is not satan

The story of Esu is endless. #EsuIsNotSatan

Listen to the quotation from Idin iwori as follows :- Esu Odara naa i ba ti la Awon akowo ebo ni o je ko ni laari Translation Esu Odara would also have prospered But the stealers of sacrificial money would ...

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Between Royalty and wealth –

“Royalty can’t be buy with wealth but only can be earn by one’s faithful destiny that shall enrich one’s value with the treasures of Royalty in the established palace of one’s ancestral traditional consciousness… We are all native to the ...

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Iyalorisa Omitonade Ifawemimo

Must Read: The Difference Between Ifa Worship & Orisa Worship

Give yourself four gold stars if you knew there was a difference between Ifa worship and Orisa worship, and five gold stars if you know what the difference is. An Iyalorisa explains: Ifá worship “Ifá worship is practiced by a ...

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Video: Watch Top 23 Traffic-Getting Mistakes (Internet MarketerS)

Looking for the best SEO on web, See it here

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Nigeria Flag

Top 20 Points on #HowtoFixNigeria -Twitter (+ See my 1 kobo contribution)

This is one of the super make sense hashtag on twitter and I think it shoud be nominated for the best Naija twitter hashtag of the Year.  Meanwhile before taking much of your time, check out the top 20 points ...

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