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Our Yorùbá Intellects – Please answer this question

A popular accountant who lives in Ibadan was being interviewed by his prospective employers when he introduced himself as Baba Alabi. He claimed he has four children and was asked to mention their respective names. He started off with the ...

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What if Olodumare was an abstraction & that Ela was his only son..

If I told you that Olodumare was an abstraction and that Ela was his only son, then there’s no question that Ela is an abstraction just like his father, Olodumare. It’s impossible for Ela to have existed as a historical ...

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yoruba proverbs

Some Yoruba Proverbs & Their Meanings

1) Ebi npa ejo, ahun nyan, ati ahun ati ejo, eran jije ni fun olode; Both the tortoise that taunts a hungry snake are edible meat (preys) to a hungry hunter. 2) Orisa je kin pe meji Obirin ko denu.(“God ...

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Ladies: How to tell when you are with a mirror or a 2-way glass

Please read and be enlightened. It’s better to be safe than ashamed.

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killer riddle

Who is the killer ?

Your final asnwer ?

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Ife Bronze Heads

Ife Bronze Heads – Top 20 Things You Should Know

So desperate was the craving of European students of history (and some early Yoruba antiquarians energetic to satisfy them ) to certify some type of “whiteness” with the formation of the dazzling Ife bronze models at the time. However driving ...

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Check out 10 intriguing Facts About Lions You Didn’t Know

Check out 10 intriguing Facts About Lions You Didn’t Know

Lions are members from the Felidae family and one of the huge cats in the sort Panthera. The by and large utilized term ‘African lion’ alludes to different subspecies of lions found in Africa. With some male lions surpassing 550 ...

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OMG!! Watch video of this animal mating (18+++)

So there is an animal outhere that has anaconda longer than the almighty horse prick? The funniest part is when the animal was trying to activate the pipe before running it inside. Plus what is that extra crown on top ...

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Video: Ayodeji Answered 10 Maths Questions Within 1 min

This child is a virtuoso, just in 60 secs he answerd around 10 mathematical questions.

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WHat is the yoruba name for GIRAFFE ?

With this approach, we have learned that: African Star Apple is Agbalumo Ground Hornbill is Akalamagbo Eagle is Idi Pouched Rat is Okete African Teak Tree is Iroko Grasshopper is Abutata Bumblebee is Alabonbon Mosquito Larva is Tanwiji Parrot is ...

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