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Egberun meji di logun jee

Kini Egberun meji di logun jee [a] 22 000 [b] 12 000 [c] 18 000

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Ifa university: Who is Olojongbodu?

Artist: Moyo Okediji Title: OLOJONGBODU Who is Olojongbodu? What does Ifa say about her? What story do we know of her in Ifa divination? What lesson do we learn from her life? What Ifa verses refer to her? Can you ...

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Are chameleons “Irunmole”, what is the name ?

Chameleon was considered a trusted and close confidante to Olodumare in Orun. Does that mean chameleons are Irunmole? What is the Yoruba name? Are they considered Ajeegun… One who makes juju more powerful? I see them on Opon Ifa trays ...

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Iku baba Yeye O!

Everybody is getting killed. Nobody wants to be called a killer. Death is no where to be found. But his foot steps are litter with corpses. Nowadays ! With the number of homicides, death is not getting younger. It is ...

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Dramatic state of Being An adult !

Puberty is the name given to some important physical change that occur somewhere between the aged of 8 and 18. Although you have been changing and growing over since you were born, the changes that happen around this time is more dramatic and ...

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I pray that the wisdom of Orunmila continues to guide and protect us all !!

Eku ojo awo. Aboru aboye. Peaceful greetings to all isoro ope. I pray that the wisdom of Orunmila continues to guide and protect us all. Ase. This is a question that has puzzled me for a long time. There are ...

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Obatala ..Osun … What are the vocations associated with the divinities?

Eku ojo ose. may Baba bless up all houses with coolness and freedom from anger. Ase. Ogun is the greatest blacksmith. Obatala is the one who sculpt in clay. Osun braids hair into masterpiece. What are the vocations associated with ...

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Names in Yoruba Culture.

Taye/Taiwo- first born of twins. Commonly believed to be the younger “spiritually” and to have been sent by the other twin to test the waters/earth first to see if it was good. Kehinde: the younger of twins but traditionally, considered ...

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Who are these performers?

In what city are they? Why do they wear white? Why the white horsetail whisks? Why the dots of white? Where are they coming from? Where are they headed? What is the significance of the divinity? What sort of alcohol ...

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