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The Odu Ifa tells us that the goal in IFA

Yoruba Scientific Spirituality is to BECOME AN ORISHA. One of the main practices to becoming an orisha is the practice of ebo (sacrifice), which is the domain of Eshu, Lord of Decision Making. No matter what spiritual power (orisha) you ...

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Is Education Overrated in Nigeria ?

What do you think?

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Old Oyo Kingdom, in the time of war, the Alaafin and the Oyomesi

It will take 28 years for a prey that migrates every 7 years to be eaten by a predator that migrates every 4 years. However, it will only take 16 years for a prey that migrates every 8 years to ...

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ekana gowon

Why do Yoruba people call this candy Ekana Gowon (Gowon’s finger nails)

It’s known by different names such as; hanjin legidi, Ekana dinka, Tsugba dinka (nupe), Ojukwu finger (igbo). What is it called in your native language?   See how to make  Ekana Gowon here

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igi oshey

Igi Ose (oshay)

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Auto: See top 10 Things That Can really Mess Up Your Car’s Paint

Autos are intense, however that bright covering on the outside isn’t as sturdy as you may think.  Auto paint is entirely weak and touchy to the elements. Normal things your auto experiences can genuinely harm your paint’s finish if left untreated. ...

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Student from Ifa University: What does Ifa say on the issue of child marriage?

Greetings to my esteemed elders. There is presently heated debate in my country about the legal age of marriage, as the laws permit parents to consent for the marriage of girls as young as 12 years of age. What does ...

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Orumila/Orunmila: Witness of fate !

Second to olodumare(GOD) Thou are far more efficacious than medicine Thou the immense orbit that averts the day of death My lord, Almighty to save Mysterious spirit that fought death To thee salutations is first due in the morning Thou ...

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ifa verse

Ifa is one of the 86 traditions of the world – UNESCO

In November 2005, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) proclaimed Ifa as one of the 86 traditions of the world to be regarded as masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. UNESCO then ordered all the ...

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spirituality not a religion

See What The spirituality of Yoruba focuses deeply on

The spirituality of Yoruba focuses deeply on Self exploration, learning one’s destiny, interacting with the Orisas of nature as well as one’s ancestors and getting yourself right with the Almighty Creator Olodumare…Borrowing Clothes fitted the body not, let’s be contended ...

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