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Being older doesn’t guarantee leadership!

Atete d’aye o kan t’egbon Eni Ori san ni nje baba (Ogunda bede ) Translation Being older doesn’t guarantee leadership Only those endowed by Ori become father. Congratulations once again to His Imperial Majesty, Arole Oduduwa, Alayeluwa Oba Adeyeye Enitan ...

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ORISA incarnation

ORISA incarnation

“ORISA incarnation is the peak experience of divine consciousness of the spirit… Feeling and seeing what one believes spiritually can change every mythological stories of every fork-lores to become the grandest realistic fact of actuality…. Inter-relationship with the Spirits on ...

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yoruba language

Ijinle Ohun Ife: The Yoruba Language of The Gods

Oluporo Ikaomesi Ijenjeniwonran, D’Ifa fun Olodumare ti yio t’orun fimule mu ebora se….. Igare-Osule, gbogbo eriwo ni foribale fun alase ‘Ijinle Ohun Ife’………………… { ‘Oluporo Ikaomesi Ijenjeniwonran (Sealers Of Every Words & Languages), Divined for the Almighty God that initiated ...

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kettle drum

Obatala & His Kettle Drum !

Igbin Drums are the sacred Drums of Obatala The broken poison box The broken sword Ifa divination was performed for Mobikugbe Mother of hare (Ehoro) Oriṣaala, lover of song and drum Also an elder among all oriṣas He has a ...

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Why have we never heard of a traditional European title called chief?

Don’t allow our obas to be referred to as “chiefs”. Have you ever heard Elizabeth call chief Elizabeth or Charles as chief Charles? This is blatant disrespect, but it starts by respecting ourselves and then demanding no less.

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#EsuIsNotSatan: I’m ESu Ola Ilu (Must Read)

I am one among the delegated Irunmoles of Olodumare Therefore, I am a messenger of Olodumare I stand as intermediary between Ajoguns to the Orisa and Omo Eniyan I stand as prosecutor to defaulters of the Instructions of Olodumare You ...

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sperm count

Top 5 Foods That Helps In Increasing Sperm Count

Research has demonstrated that 90 percent of Male Fertility issues are as an aftereffect of men’s inability to sufficiently produce sperm. Recent research has additionally demonstrated that 70 percent of all deformations that are found in children are as a ...

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Top 15

Check out top 15 Funny Childhood Nostalgic Pics That Will Make You Feel Old

1) Goody goody, mehn this thing sweet die, if you ate this during your childhood you’ll understand. 2) Oya lie say u never did this during your childhood.. One of my friends in sec school then fit chop pen cover in his ...

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Question Of the Day: How many cups of Garri will you find in 500g bag of Ijebu Garri ?

Question of the Day: If a cup of Ijebu Garri weighs 130g how many cups of Garri will you find in 500g bag of Ijebu Garri ?   Have you been wondering how many Gram(g) is in One Nigerian Cup ...

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What is Ifá’s position on GAY marriage?

My RESPONSE to the very much insistently asked questions from friends and associates, within and mostly outside Indigenous Faith of Africans believers ( IFA ), on Ifá’s position about the global ranting GAY marriage that has arouse much confrontations between ...

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