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ORISA incarnation

ORISA incarnation

“ORISA incarnation is the peak experience of divine consciousness of the spirit… Feeling and seeing what one believes spiritually can change every mythological stories of every fork-lores to become the grandest realistic fact of actuality…. Inter-relationship with the Spirits on the platform of illumination, will not be completely perfect if whatsoever we consciously believe that is in existence of the ethereal realm is not experience in the physical; tuning the dream of perception out of imagination can decorate the scene of one’s spiritual aspirations with the manifestation of the ORISA’s incarnation in one’s devoted soul of transition ………… SE NI ORISA N RO NI, KI O TO GBE NI (Orisa incarnation must be experience before the spirits can fortify one’s intentions)”

©10th December, 2015 {•ORISA Tradition Is Not A Mythology But The ENCYCLOPAEDIA Of Divine Perfection•} : •••His Spiritual Majesty {HSM} EMPEROR ALAFIA ADEOBA AMITABHA SHALOM {Amb., LLNC, WVG}•••

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