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Ori: Your Guide To Ur Destiny

ORI is described as an individual’s guide to their destiny. You can think of it as your personal Orisa.
Ori is the most highly evolved part of ourselves. It is the divine aspect, a unique reflection of Olodumare through human consciousness
.Ori is the getaway to all of the most evolved energies of the Universe. It is through our connection with Ori that we experience: our Guardian Ancestor; our Guardian Orisa; our Life Path Odu; and the power of our initiations.
Many Ori prayers begin with a call to Ela, the energy of wisdom in action. She is the infinite pool of energy that sits and is the centre of the Universe. This calling upon Ela in the prayers equates Ori with Ela’s infinite wisdom in limited, human, form. It is our Ori that synthesizes the knowledge of a lifetime, creating wisdom. Your Ori then carries what you’ve learned to the ancestral pool where it becomes available to your entire lineage, and perhaps, the entire species.

We have a tripod of spiritual support structures in Ifa that allow us to stand steady in the face of life. They are our ancestors; the Orisa; and the Ori. Ori is the best place to start a regular Ifa practice. It is our most personal connection and can be the easiest to develop. Ori can also help you deepen into your own way of connecting with any of the energies.
Ori as a ball of light that encompasses my whole head and spreads up and out into the Universe. You don’t need anything so dramatic for your connection to be effective.

who is faster in aiding one than the Orisa
He who instantly remembers his devotee
Ori is valuable
Ori is jewelry
No Orisa can favour one without the consent of one’s Ori
It is Ori that aids one-for-one to be crowned of money
It is Ori that blesses one for one to be using a beaded walking stick even to the market
It is Ori that blesses one for one to be using valuable cloths
Ori, please, support me
Ori, please, bless me
Ori, please, never turn against me.

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