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Ènìyàn means ẹni tí ó yàn—the one who chose.

ÈNÌYÀN—We Have the Power to Choose

Ènìyàn in Yoruba means a person.

Ènìyàn is from the verb yàn (to choose).

Ènìyàn means ẹni tí ó yàn—the one who chose.

Before each one of us came from Òde Ọ̀run (Outer Source) to Òde Ayé (Outer Earth), Erindinlogun informs us that we all went to choose our heads (orí) from Àjàlá, the primordial Master of Clay Heads.

If anyone has seen the famous Ife Clay and metal Heads, they were the templates from which all Human Heads are made.

You made a choice of your head in the studio of Ajala.

Some people were attracted by the size and chose clay heads that are large but not fully fired in the kiln of Ajala.

If the clay is not fully fired, it cannot stand water.

If it rains, or if they bathe, the water will dissolve the clay head.

That is not good. They have chosen Orí Burúkú (Bad Head, or Misfortune).

Some also choose heads that spent too long in the fire.

When clay spends too much time in the kiln, it cracks.

Those who chose such cracked heads also have water problems: water will seep through the cracks into their brains.

It is bad, and they cannot function well. They have chosen Orí Burúkú (Bad Head, or Misfortune).

Those who choose perfectly formed and well-fired clay heads have chosen Orí Rere (Good Head or Fortune).

If you chose Orí Burúkú, you must go to the Èlérìndínlógún or Ifá Diviner to tell you what you need to do to remedy your choice.

Every day (Ojoojúmó) brings an opportunity to make a choice because we are Eniyan–People Who Have the Power to Make a Choice.

Today, I chose the Good Head (Orí Rere).

What is your choice?

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