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Mallam Adamu Adamu

Over 2-century cancel culture fails as FG Approves Mother Tongue as Compulsory Language of Instruction in Primary Schools

Deji Elumoye in Abuja The federal government has approved a new National Language Policy which makes the mother tongue a compulsory medium of instruction for public primary school pupils. Making this disclosure Wednesday was the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, ...

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Photos from Olojo Festival in Ile Ife 2022

Ọdún Ọlọjọ tí ọdún 2022 ni Ilu Ile-Ifẹ. A ṣe Ọlọjọ a ké gbajure ooo!!! A Dedication To The Worship Of Ogun-the Yoruba God Of Iron In Remembrance Of The Descent Of Oduduwa, The Progenitor Of Yoruba Race Historically woven around Ogun the Oduduwa(Yoruba) Orisa of iron widely believed to be the ...

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ebo yoruba

Ebo: The Child Of Orunmila

Ebo is the child of Orunmila. Orunmila created Ebo on this Earth to solve the problems of human beings. People on earth use Ebo not only to solve problems but to alleviate suffering. After the sacrifice (Etutu) is made, a ...

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Growing up in my Motherland

While growing up, we were made to believe that Isese (traditional worshipping)is evil, we were taught in churches that, traditionalist are in fact idol worshippers, they call them mammon worshippers, we were made to believe that everything surrounding tradition is ...

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Obì thrown for Ọ̀sẹ̀ Ifá

Looking at the image of the Obì thrown for Ọ̀sẹ̀ Ifá today, it was coincidental that someone sent a post to me on ANGER which reflects the message from Ifá on Ogbè Yọ́nú. The post :- CONTROL YOUR ANGER You ...

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Isefa, Itefa, Idafa, Ise Ifa

Concerning Isefa, Itefa, Idafa, Ise Ifa/Akose.

Isefa is to receive one hand of Ifa. This only happens if due to one reason or the other, the person could not be initiated at that present time and it’s important for such a person to have Ifa at ...

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Your Orí Is Good, You Are The Problem!

ORÍ is the source of all beings, this is why she is called “ÀṢẸ ẸDÁ”, meaning “The Power/Source within every being”. ORÍ can transform from one form to another without losing her authenticity. This means by default, you can transform ...

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How are you helping yourself to learn more about Ifa?

Remember, we can’t all be Babalawo but we can all be Ifa practitioners. When you interact with texts, you are learning too. Even illiterates are interested in reading but the know-how is not there for them. Never listen to those ...

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Odù Ogbè Tọ́mọpọ̀n

The Odù “Ogbè Tọ́mọpọ̀n”

Looking at the Odù, “Ogbè Tọ́mọpọ̀n” cast for today’s Ọ̀sẹ̀ Ifá, Ẹlẹ́rìí Ìpín enjoined us to accord respect to our greatest companion, “Ọ̀pẹ̀lẹ̀/Divining chain” at all times. Just listen to this:- Olórìṣà ní ńṣọwọ́ òjé fìrí Egúngún ní ńfi ọkọ́ ...

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egbe orun

Who are the Egbe Orun?

The egbe orun are spiritual companions. Every person enjoys the company of these companions in heaven before they come to earth. When a person comes from heaven. these are many groups they may associate with. One of these groups is ...

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