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Alaafin Oyo

Public display of Alaafin’s remains ‘disappointing,’ traditional worshippers say

“It is saddening and we want this to be on record that we as a body are protesting this act.” The Traditional Worshippers Association of Nigeria, Oyo State branch, have expressed displeasure over the open display of the remains of ...

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My mom transitioned today and she is now an ancestor.She drew her last human breath today, this morning.My baby sister, Banke, informed me, “Maami left at 3:53 pm.”I knew she was departing. I was ready for it. My mother is ...

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What is Edan?

Edan is the name of the object held by the character with both arms, the sacred but effective tool used by the Awo (Cult of) Ogboni (the Freemasons) in Nigeria. It is also responsible for carving mathematically symmetric sculptures which ...

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Yemoja, Òrìsà of all waters

My mother that blesses people from deep waters Òrìsà that cleans me inside outLet there be peace in my soulPreserve me always from danger in the ocean of this life. Let this water arrest every unclean material in my body ...

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Actress Shade Akin Taylor “Oluweri

Popular Oodua Actress Shade Akin Taylor “Oluweri Magbojo” passes on.

Shade Akin Taylor Aberuagba popularly known as Oluweri Magbojo, is dead.The beautiful Nollywood actress passed on at age 59, She died on Monday, February 28th in the United Kingdom (UK).The light-skinned actress was well-known for her appearances in movies produced ...

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Wande Abimbo

Baba Wande Abimbola: Meet the preeminent voice of Orunmila in our generation.

Baba Wande Abimbola, is the preeminent voice of Orunmila in our generation.He is the Awíṣẹ Àgbáyé.Awise means A-(One) Wí (Who Speaks) Ṣẹ (With Àṣẹ Authority).One Whose Pronouncements Are Divinely Authorized.One Whose Words Come True.In the Catholic Church, only the Pope ...

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One of the most fascinating spectacles of my childhood days was the annual Egúngún.Egungun means something that is perfect, balanced, or straight, formed from the word gún.In Yoruba, you repeat something to emphasize it: guńgún refers to the absolutely or ...

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Sango: The 3rd King of Oyo Kingdom

Sango was a royal ancestor of Oodua. He was the third king of the Oyo Kingdom. He succeeded Ajaka, son of Oranmiyan. His symbol is a double-headed axe, which represents swift and balanced justice. Mythologically, he (and 14 others) burst ...

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new chief laws

Culture Conflict: “Ogun State Governor’s Prince Dapọ Abiodun Signs New Chiefs’ Law”

Obas In Ogun State Are To Be Buried Accordingly To Their Faith Upon Joining Their Ancestors! Ogun State governor, Dapo Abiodun, has signed into law a bill that provides for how traditional rulers and chiefs are to be selected, appointed, ...

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olu ibadan

Omo Eru cannot but remain Eru – Comments from Netizens as OluBandan of Ibadan land buried with Quran.

Many Netizens are in disapproval of the way Olubadan of Ibadan was buried with a Quran placed beside him. Some called the foreign element placed beside him a reminder and a symbol of slavery. Others say; Another “representative of the ...

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