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Your Orí Is Good, You Are The Problem!

ORÍ is the source of all beings, this is why she is called “ÀṢẸ ẸDÁ”, meaning “The Power/Source within every being”.

ORÍ can transform from one form to another without losing her authenticity. This means by default, you can transform from one form to another as well because you are ONE with ORÍ. But your ability to transform from one form to another without losing your authenticity depends on how well you manage yourself.

If you know how to manage your Ìwà(Character), you can peacefully transform from one form to another and still remain untouched. But, if you don’t know how to manage your ìwà in such a way that it aligns with your ORÍ, you will become vulnerable and those who know how to manipulate energies can make you change from what you are supposed to be, into what they want you to become, whenever they want. They are able to achieve this because we all are CREATORS, we all have the àṣẹ to create whatever we want to experience.

 So for this reason, anyone can make you become miserable, as long as it is what they want, it will come into reality. And on the other hand, because you are also a creator you can choose not to become miserable, and your wish too will come into reality, but it all depends on how deeply rooted you are.

The wicked ones can’t destroy your ORÍ, because ORÍ can’t be destroyed! they can only make you become miserable, and this will happen when you are not in alignment with your Orí. But the moment you wake up to this truth that: We are creators, every soul has the power to create what he/she wants to experience, every soul has the power to transform from one form to another and ORÍ can never be destroyed. Then, you will receive a breakthrough and take back your Àṣẹ.

Food rituals alone can’t deliver you from the hand of wicked manipulators, you have to be in agreement with the above truth first, then rituals, if you want.

IFÁ says in Irosun Ogunda that: No Orí is unfortunate, one’s character is what makes it seem like it’s unfortunate.

If you can fix your character, you have fixed your life.

May we all have the courage to fix our character, so that we can enjoy grace in abundance?


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