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Obì thrown for Ọ̀sẹ̀ Ifá

Looking at the image of the Obì thrown for Ọ̀sẹ̀ Ifá today, it was coincidental that someone sent a post to me on ANGER which reflects the message from Ifá on Ogbè Yọ́nú. The post :-


🔘You cannot see your reflection in boiling water.

🔘Similarly, you cannot see the truth in a state of anger.

🔘When the waters calm, clarity comes.”

🔘A calm mind is essential to making decisions you will not regret.

🔘A mind that’s calm in any and all situations can process, analyze, and act more rational than a “boiling” mind.

🔘Learn to control your emotions when they arise, understand them, and move on.

Don’t give in to impulses.

🔘98% of everything you do out of anger you will regret later on.

🔘This is the truth about meditation:

When turbulence is extinguished, insight comes with clarity.

🔘Always make big or meaningful decisions when your mind is at peace.

🟣Let your motto be:

Anger solves nothing…

Now, listen to the stanza of Ogbè Yọ́nú/Ògúndá

Ìbínú kò ṣe nkànkan fún ni

Sùúrù ni baba ìwà

Àgbà tí ó ní sùúrù oun gbogbo lóní

Adífá fún Orí inú a bù fún t’òde

Orí inú pẹ̀lẹ́ kí o má ba t’òde jẹ́

Gbogbo oun tí a bá ńṣe láyé ẹ jẹ́ a na sùúrù sí

Bí inú bá le lálejù ire a rí ni sá

Anger does no one any good

Patience is the father of character

The elder who has patience has everything

Cast divination for inner head (destiny) and physical head ( character)

I urge you my inner head, don’t let my character be spoiled.

Whatever we do in this life, let’s exercise patience

Too much anger drives away goodness

Ẹni tí ó bá l’étí kó gbọ́

Those who have ears should listen.

Stay blessed.

Àràbà Òwòrò speaks from Sao Paulo Brazil

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