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16 Ofun Meji

Ifa: The 16 Odu Ifa & Their Meaning.

The meaning of the 16 Odu Ifa of the Ifa is based on 16 symbolic or allegorical parables contained in the 16 Core Chapters or Principles that form the basis of the Ifá, a system of divination of the Yoruba ...

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Òluwò Ifágbejà OgboniIledì Awo Imolè Ẹdan

Ifá Não Nos Proporciona Uma Mudança Provisória

Ifá não nos proporciona uma mudança provisória, e sim a mudança de um destino absoluto através de ações que possa somar ao bem estar da família, da sociedade e de uma renovação interna através de um bom carácter. Podemos mudar ...

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opon ifa

In Irosun Ega (Irosun Obara): Ifa warns us to watch what our mouth utters…

in whatever we say, in everything we say, be mindful,be honest, be truthful, and be conscious in order not to harm ourselves or our loved ones with our utterances. We should not be our own worst enemy!In Irosun Ega (Irosun ...

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Àṣẹ, Ashe, Axe, Ache

Àṣẹ, Ashe, Axe, Ache

ÀṢẸ in Ede Oodua (Yoruba) ASHE in North America (United States, Europe, Afro-Caribbean, Canada) AXE in Brazil. ACHE in Cuba. ÀṢẸ, ASHE, AXE, ACHE emanated from the Yoruba Àṣẹ. There are now attempts to equate the word Ase with the ...

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Joy has a slender and fragile body. It snaps and breaks too readily. The yam on your plate is white and succulent? Be careful not to eat in public. Secure your door firm, conceal the dish with your hands, and ...

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Training of an Omo Awo-Ifa Apprentice in Nigeria at a glance

Training of an Omo Awo/Ifa Apprentice in Nigeria at a glance.

The 7 steps of training all would be Babalawo and Iyanifa must go through under the tutelage of an experienced and elder Awo are: Presentation to Opon Ifa and Itelopon. Learning how to perform Ebo Riru, Akunlebo, Ipese, Etutu, Ibori, ...

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Obì thrown for Ọ̀sẹ̀ Ifá

Looking at the image of the Obì thrown for Ọ̀sẹ̀ Ifá today, it was coincidental that someone sent a post to me on ANGER which reflects the message from Ifá on Ogbè Yọ́nú. The post :- CONTROL YOUR ANGER You ...

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Isefa, Itefa, Idafa, Ise Ifa

Concerning Isefa, Itefa, Idafa, Ise Ifa/Akose.

Isefa is to receive one hand of Ifa. This only happens if due to one reason or the other, the person could not be initiated at that present time and it’s important for such a person to have Ifa at ...

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How are you helping yourself to learn more about Ifa?

Remember, we can’t all be Babalawo but we can all be Ifa practitioners. When you interact with texts, you are learning too. Even illiterates are interested in reading but the know-how is not there for them. Never listen to those ...

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Orisa Priesthood

Ifa: Orisa Priesthood

~Oluwo:This is a man who has studied and practiced Ifa as a priest for many many years and has not only seen Orisa Odu but owns Orisa Odu (Olodu: owner of Odu) and works with this deity. The Oluwo is ...

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