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Ifa-lafinimona: Ifa, the Pathfinder.

Ifalafinimona Ifa is the pathfinder embrace it as you would your belover.

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The Ogun Festival In Omupo, Kwara State, Nigeria

The Ogun Festival In Omupo, Kwara State, Nigeria – Photos

Bellow is the photo of Elemoso Ogun of Ijagbo Land and Oluode Aluwo Of Offa at the Ogun Festival In Omupo, Kwara State, Nigeria. See another photo bellow

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ifa festival

Annual Ifa Festival: Save the date!

Please sing along with me as follows:- Mi o fi sawada mo wi o, mi o fi sawada Bi mo t’ayewa onifa ni N o seMi o fi sawada mo wi o This is not a joke, I declare, I am ...

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Odu Ifa

Odu Ifa,”Irosun Oyeku” Cast Today For Ose Ifa

Looking at Odu Ifa, “Irosun Oyeku” cast today for Ose Ifa, I can advise all Priests and Priestesses to imbibe calmness in their characters so that they can always achieve their desires. Secondly, the stanza contains one of the Yoruba ...

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Ifá naa ki bayi wípé…

Ifá gba gbogbo akápò re niyanju wípé ki won o rubo nitori ki a baa le ri orí ayé wa, ki a baa le de ile ileri, ifá ni nkan yio soro tabi le die fun awon ti won ba ...

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Ifá naa ki bayi wípé..

Ekaaro eyin eniyan mi, aojiire bi? Aku ise ana o Eledumare ninu aanu re yio fi ire gbogbo wa wari loni o Àse.Ifá yi gbawa niyanju wipe ki a bo ifá pelu obi meji ati agbebo adiye, ki a si ...

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Geomancy Is A Form Of Ifa!

The most outrageous and misleading statement about Ifa I yet have heard is that Ifa is part of some Arab culture, and that it is geomancy.

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Òsá Òtúrá says, “What is Truth?” I say, “What is Truth?” Ọ̀rúnmìlá says, “Truth is the Lord of Heaven guiding the Earth.” Ọ̀rúnmìlá says, “Truth is the Unseen One guiding the Earth. The wisdom of Olódùmarè he is using.” Òsá ...

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slavery in-africa

“Where was Ifa when our Ancestors walked alone during slavery” ?

Many do not understand what Ifa represent today or what it is all about and this has generated heated argument all around the world among scholars. Up to the point when the Araba of Oworonsoki posted, “with Ifa you will ...

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Oro Isiti (sermon): 27th October 2018

My sermon(oro isiti), Saturday 27th October 2018 at our Temple, Indigene Faith of Africa( Ijo Orunmila Ato)Inc was taken from “Ogbe Fun”. Akole:- Aitele ikilo, okanjua ati sisare owo lona eburu ni iparun yi se de ba o. Theme:- Failure ...

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