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The International Community Chinese

The International Community according to the Empire of Lies

Just saw that on Andrei Martyanov website: Zhao Lijian, a deputy director of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Informational Department, twitted this thing yesterday:

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Russia slaps sanctions against Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Blinken, Other US Officials.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian held an important joint press-conference following talks in Moscow. The links are here:  The Ruptly link was on their live stream and now simply shows that the event has ...

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NewsReal: Russian Operations in Ukraine Proceeding as Planned, But Risk of War Contagion Grows

By effectively instituting a black-out in the West on information coming from Russia, the Anglo-American party to this recently expanded ‘civil war’ in Ukraine is dominating all communications about what is taking place there. ‘Free’ from the burden of having ...

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the art of war

Cutting Through the Fog Masking ‘a New Page in the Art of War’

By Pepe Escobar, posted with the author’s permission and widely cross-posted. The non-government in Kiev is simply not allowed by the Empire to negotiate anything. By now what we may call a Triple Threat has been established as the catalyst ...

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Belgrade: Serbs head to The street in Support of Russia’s OP in Ukraine.

#Belgrade (Serbia) is the only city in the world where mass rallies in support of #Russia take place pic.twitter.com/oNB6H1Y1ue— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) March 4, 2022 NATO bombed Serbia in 1999 without a decision from the UN Security Council. The targets of ...

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twin engine broom

Russia Suspends Sale Of Rocket Engines To US: “Let Them Fly On Brooms”

Dmitry Rogozin, director-general of Roscosmos, announced that Russia would be halting the delivery of rocket engines to the US, saying “let them fly into space on their brooms,” according to RIA Novosti. Rogozin added that Russia would be ending cooperation ...

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no fuel

UK Fuel Scarcity : 26% of UK Filling Stations Are Dry, Petrol Retailers Association Says

Independent filling stations in the United Kingdom are not receiving enough deliveries of fuel, the UK Petrol Retail Association said on Friday.Some 26 percent of British filling stations are dry amid an ongoing fuel crisis in the country, the UK ...

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Iyawo Oloju Buluu

‘Kìí ṣe tìtorí owó ni mo ṣe fẹ́ gba Risikat padá, mo ní ìfẹ́ ẹ rẹ̀ ni ‘ Wasiu Jimoh, ọkọ Risikat tó ní ojú búlúù ní Ilọrin bá BBC Yorùbá sọ̀rọ̀, ìyàwó rẹ̀ náà fèsì. Iyawo Oloju Buluu Ẹ ...

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Traditionists need 5 public holidays like Christians and Muslims too

The allegations and counter allegations by the two dominant religious body - Muslims and Christians is a worrisome issue that every Nigerian should be concerned about. In this opinion, Aanu Adegun, writes on the need to allow traditionalists have their own holidays if the two religious truly want fairness, equity and justice as they claimed.

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Sun Re O: Alagba The 344 Years Old Tortoise In Ogbomoso, That Has Outlived Many Kings

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