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Ìwà Pẹ̀lẹ́ (Good Character)

Ìwà Pẹ̀lẹ́(Good Character) is ultimately the basis of moral conduct in Yorùbá Culture and a core defining attribute of an Ọmọlúwàbí. Also, One of the basic concepts of Indigenous Tradition, as the welfare and development in life.

In Oodua (Yorùbá) spirituality, the qualities of Ìwà Pẹ̀lẹ́ is what is expected of any practitioners of Ifá or Òrìṣà. It is believed that human beings are able to heal themselves both physically and spiritually by working with their Òrìṣà, Orí and Egbe to achieve balanced Iwa(character).

When we say a person have a good character(iwa), is because their personal relationships demonstrated the right qualities of a good individual. Iwa Pele is something we all should strive to work on on a daily basis. Iwa Pele is not just good, gentle or balanced character, it is an action. The children of Iwa are Peace, Harmony, Wisdom, Tolerance, Hardworking, Endurance….

omo orisa

Iyalorisa Omitonade Ifawemimo

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