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Growing up in my Motherland

While growing up, we were made to believe that Isese (traditional worshipping)is evil, we were taught in churches that, traditionalist are in fact idol worshippers, they call them mammon worshippers, we were made to believe that everything surrounding tradition is evil, they told us that humans are being used as sacrifices to the Orishas, our alfas said it’s only one God of Saudi Arabia that should be worshipped, our alfas said the Arabic language is the only accepted religion in heaven, as it would be used to ask us questions when we die, they made us hate that practice that our forefathers believed in and said it was when they were not wise, they said the best way is the way that the white men/Arab showed us, they said the best dressing is from the foreign land, the best languages is that of our visitor. We were brainwashed and became mad. Our madness keeps getting stronger, now we have gotten to a stage of no healing!!! that people now kill, fight and curse each other all for these foreign ways.

Anyway when I grew up and entered Isese, it became clearer that we do not have idols but orisha, idol is an English name, and then my eyes saw that not even one of our orisha demands human blood when there are thousands of animals, then I discovered that before a man can take one leave and use for the bad purpose it has to involve an evil spirit, it became clear that in fact, Orishas were actually my ancestors, my origin, my race, they were my forefathers and mother’s who left significant prints on earth, I never knew Orisha was my blood who once walked the earth before me.

Then I realized that we do not even carry them as God, we only respect and pay them homages,, then I realized that aside from Jesus, Yahweh, and Allah that I knew ..we actually have Olodumare as our own ancient God…my eyes became open that in fact, ifa is the voice which Eledumare speaks through, and I saw that our orishas were actually messengers of Olodumare and I wished my children and coming generations will not fall into same brainwashing pits that I had once fallen. May the spirit of my ancestors continues to guide and lighten my path and that of my coming generations.


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