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Who are the Egbe Orun?

The egbe orun are spiritual companions. Every person enjoys the company of these companions in heaven before they come to earth. When a person comes from heaven. these are many groups they may associate with. One of these groups is called egbe emere which is one of the most powerful groups.

A person’s destiny on earth is already determined before they leave heaven. Their spirit has already agreed with the power that is. This agreement may be for money, long life, children e.t.c. This agreement depends on the individual. In some cases, a person may have a husband or a wife during their time in heaven and they may have made a promise to this significant other… They may have promised not to take another husband or wife when they traveled earth or they may have promised to spend only a day, week, or month on earth. If the agreement was broken while on earth an individual will experience many problems in their earthly life.

A person must make a sacrifice to the Egbe Emere, Didi Eru Egbe, or the relevant Egbe Orun for their particular situation when they arrive in this world. Some promise that they will do it while in heaven but when they come they get distracted and don’t perform the necessary sacrifice.
Some people have Egbe Orun in the ocean. Some have Egbe Orun in a particular tree. Everyone has Egbe or spirit companions that they were close to while in heaven. May the ancestors makes you find their greatness out of them …
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