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Who is Elenini ?

Following my last post on “who is Elenini”, here is my own submission.  My senior sister, Olayinka Moussa described Elenini as antagonist. The President of International Council for Ifa Religion, Oloye(Prof). Idowu Odeyemi said, “not all critics are enemies, not ...

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nasarawa state

Photo of the day !

Traditional festival in northern part of Nigeria, Nassarawa state, Nigeria!!! Is this not African spirituality??? I love this!!!

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Ifa, Itefa and Orisa

We often talk about Ifa and our tradition, leaving involuntarily some basic explanations about what we practice and to which we devote our lives. What is Ifa? Ifa is life, is the story of creation, of all that is animate ...

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Hoje neste Odu Ifá nos diz que nossas realizações são o que somos e o que pensamos. O que faz de um rei ser rei não é a sua coroa, mas sim as suas atitudes e as suas realizações. Nos ...

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Orisa Colours Greetings: Different Orisa Greetings and their Colours! (Must See)

Obatala Pure White Eepa Orisa Yemoja Crystal white and Blue Eepa Omi O Sango Red and White Kabiyesi Sango Osun Yellow and Green Oore Yeye Osun Esu Red and Black Oro Esu Ogun Green and Black Ogun Yeeee Oya Brown ...

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Ifa is Light !

Ifa Ni Afinimona Araye Ifa Is The Guide On The Path Of Life Come To Ifa And Be Bless   Ifaleke Sangotope Ajala

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Oduduwa !


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asa yoruba

What the Yoruba believe in ?

The Yoruba believe that we are all born with a specific destiny that has a purpose in life. And before our soul came to Ile Ife (the earth) we have made the decision as to what our destiny would be ...

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ebo yoruba

Ebo/ Etutu (Sacrifice)

EBO /ETUTU literarily termed as “sacrifice”. Sacrifice is act of offering something to a God(Irunmole/Orisha) to give or do something good for you in return. It is the giving) up or foregoing of some valued thing for the sake of ...

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Focus and Trust your guardian Orisa !

Focus on your intuition and inner voice. And trust that your guardian Orisa are leading you in the right direction. Get back to the road and keep going…. Ire O! #African Spirituality# #Guardian Orisa# #Orisa# #Yemoja# #Yoruba# #Isese# #Goddess# #Ase# ...

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