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Prof Sophie Olúwọlé

Do Yoruba Serve One God Or More? Prof Sophie Olúwọlé

Do Yoruba Serve One God Or More? Prof Sophie Olúwọlé throws more light on the Pantheon

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Nigerian Anthem In Yoruba Language

Excellent go on to support Yoruba Language in education. Ambode for President 2019!! And if you do not learn how to sing the Nigerian National anthem in Yoruba listed here are the language below! Every Yoruba child in Nigeria should learn ...

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Key Factors To Success as Revealed in “Iwori Gosun”

At Ose Ifa today and all days, we must remember that patience, perseverance and calmness are the key factors to success as revealed in “Iwori gosun” as follows:- Bi e ba ri ibinu ki e ma binu Bi e ba ...

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Oba Edu Isese Agbaye

Congrats!!! Meet the new Oba Edu Isese Agbaye, Faniyi David Osagbamii​

All the administrators and members of the Ooduarere.com and University of Ifa are proud of Baba Awo Faniyi David Osagbamii​, recently installed the Oba Edu Isese Agbaye. We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts.  

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Question of the Week !

Olodumare has been called the Supreme God of the Orisa people. A couple of questions arise: Is there a Supreme God, like Yahweh among the Hebrews, among the Orisa people? Or is it more like in the Hindu religion, where ...

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Yoruba colours

Top 3 Yorùbá Colours – (Yoruba Colour naming Challenge)

A thorough discussion on the Yorùbá color scheme requires a very detailed study of notjust chromatics, but also philosophy, religion and culture as well. It is well beyond theintention of this module to fully explain the basis of the traditional ...

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Oriki Orunmila (Praise)

Ifá Olókun, A – sorò – dayò, Elérìn-ìpin, Ibìkejì Èdùmàrè. The Diviner of the Sea, the one who makes affairs prosper, Witness to Creation, Second to the Creator. Òrúnmìla ni Baba wa o e, àwa kò ni Oba méjì, Ifá ...

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oyo empire

THE OYO EMPIRE: Alaafin Aole, Afonja, Alaafin Atiba and the Jihadist

In 1817, Afonja of Morin was the Are-Ona Kakanfo – the Head of the Army of the Oyo Empire, under the Alaafin of Oyo – Aole (The King). That year, Afonja sent an empty calabash to the Alaafin Aole, thereby ...

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Yoruba Ancestry: What They Couldn’t See, What We Can See, By Bámidélé Adémólá-Olátéjú

If we get our acts together, educate our children to global standards, we could create a Yoruba regional miracle within the continent with the rapidly growing workforce. Our fathers say the war does not affect the wise cripple. How we ...

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