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May the Ancestors Light your Path! Ase o.

The Anceators have Arrived. May you have great day on this Obatala, Egungun…day Egun mo peo ti igba meta…  

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Abortion And Orí: In the case of an abortion what happens in relation to ORÍ?

Spirit TATA ABEL: Abortion within the Yorùbá tradition is very frowned upon. Because it is not even another person, it is you the one that is cutting the path and Destiny of the ORÍ –Consciousness of another being, that is ...

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An Open letter to OLÓDÙMARÈ

This is my letter to OLÓDÙMARÈ and all ORISA for this new year after Orisha world festival that held yesterday at ÒKÈ AGBONMIREGUN in ILÉ ÌFẸ́. Dear OLÓDÙMARÈ, Thank you that you make all things new. Thank you for all ...

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KỌ́JỌ́DÁ: Aseyi Samodun O! (Happy New Year 10,060 !)

KỌ́JỌ́DÁ” – ‘Ki ṓjṓ dá: Meaning; May The Day Be Clear or Foreseen; is the name of Yórúbà Calendar. Akù Odùn Tìtún o! Eyìn Omo Yórubà nìlè lókó, léyín ódì! It is 10,059 of the Yoruba Calendar (Kojoda, which means ...

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happy yoruba new year

Happy New Year! Aseyi samodun o!!!

Happy Yoruba New Year! Aseyi samodun o!!!

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Este es el nuevo mes del calendario de IFA: JUNIO 2018 OSU ÒKUDU (junio)

1 Ogun / Osoosi / Orisa Oko / Ijaa 2 Sango / Oya 3 Obatala / Esu / Egungun / Iyaami / Sanpanna 4 Ifa / Egbe / Osun / Aje / Yemoja / Olokun / Ori 5 Ogun / ...

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The Importance of Osun/Oshun/Ochun in Human Life

By AWO AWOBUKOLA IFADAMILRE —Oshun is generally depicted as the protector, saviour, or nurturer of humanity. Oshun has also been described as the maintainer of spiritual balance or mother of sweet things. Tradition holds that the first interaction between Oshun ...

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What Is In Oriki?

The western and racial supremacist had succeeded in taken many precious and treasurable virtues away from us in Africa, through the instrumentality of colonization and westernization, branded civilization. Africa has always been a civilized society. Infact, it is the mother ...

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The New Penile padlock – What Ifa Says !

What’s the world turning into with this latest product, “The new penile padlock ” The new product can only allow the men to urinate but not to have sex. When I was thinking of this, I quickly remembered a verse ...

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30th-31st, Save The Date! It’s annual Obatala Festival Coming up at Igangan oyo state.

Today and tomorrow 30th/31st it’s our annual Obatala Festival Coming up at Igangan oyo state. No retreat no surrender. May God Continue to bless Our Father the Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba land For his unrelenting effort. Moving train… Let’s go ...

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