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iya dollmaker

Iya Dollmaker is BACK!

An epiphany struck me today, actually it was a reflection and spiritual moment. People have been asking me about my journey with dollmaking and actually two parallel paths were created because the dollmaking led me to Ifa and Orisa. About ...

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orisa Ibile

20th Of August Orisa Day

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The Alaafin of Oyo installs new Òndáàsà (Awo Mérìndínlógún)

Òndáàsà is the head of the priestly advisers to the Oba, an ancient official title of the institution of the palace that is always family inherited. Òndáàsà title is related to the Òrìsà and to the ancient divination system called ...

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With Netosh Jones

Photo Of Newly Installed Yeye Atunwase Awo Of Oworonsoki Land

Araba Awodiran Agboola pictured with Netosh Jones( Ninimoye Oyadara) from USA newly installed Yeye Atunwase Awo of Oworonsoki land 13th August 2016

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sacred room for Orunmila

Check Out My Sacred Room For Orunmila – must see

My sacred room for Orunmila comprises of ikin,igba ori,opele,opon Ifa,seere,Iye Ifa,and obi(kolanut). All the prayer requests are taken directly to Olodumare.  Sacrifice are also made and accepted. “Osetura and Gbirari reside in the room. When we worship in holiness, Olodumare ...

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Egungun festival 2016

See Wow Photos/ Videos From The Egungun Festival 2016..must See

Over 50 Egungun came out to give Iwure for the Alaafin of Oyo and bellow are more lovely photos  from the Egungun festival 2016. See More Photos/videos After The Page Break

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Ewé Agogo Igun

ewé ogbe àkùko que significa “folha crista de galo”.   Ofó do Odú Ìwòrìbogbè (ìwòrì ogbè) Bi’kú bá ri mi K’ikú o má lè pa mi Bi agógó igún bá so A si se ’nu kóròlò s’odì Se a morte ...

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Como Òrúnmìlà acalma Ìyàmi

Grande montículo de terra na extremidade da rua. Muita poeira. Ifá consultado para as Ìyàmi Òsòròngà, que vieram do além para terra. Elas dizem que querem ouvir a voz do babaláwo, quando as Ìyàmi Òsòròngà vêm. Elas dizem, elas vêm à ...

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ifa boy

Aboruboye nile Ifa!

Aboru aboye oo. My little child, Ifa will give you wisdom and long life. Araba Otan Ayegbaju

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If one head is fortunate …

“All I want is blessing. Either mine or yours, blessing is blessing. Let’s be blessed all together. If I’m bless you are blessed If you are blessed I am equally blesses. Bí Orí kan bá sun wàn Yóó ran’gba If ...

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