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ifa verse

Ifa je ju oogun..

A medicine man(Onisegun)wanted to prove his friend(babalawo) wrong that “Ifa je ju oogun”(Ifa is superior to medicine) by poisoning his food. The babalawo after eating the food returned home to appease Ifa with Obi but Ifa requested for snail’ juice ...

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Oduduwa Vs Holy Mary – Why I Laugh In Spanish

“Your ancestors told you that Oduduwa came to this earth through a long strong chain but all they reply with is that it’s just a superstition and untrue legends. Ohhhhhh I wonder!!! It’s not true? But when you were told ...

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Ore Yeye o! You deserve it. Oye a mori o!

Aase! Osunlanu Yeyeluwa Olomitutu Worlwide

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opn ifa

Our great religion, ifa, teaches humility

Listen to this from Ogunda di; Looto e o lowo lowo Looto e o la la la E ma gbori esin yin boru s’alawo Translation It is true you will have so much money It is certain you will have ...

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BABA ODÙDÚWÀ’S questioning people to make them Reason the things they do:

Teaching given by Baba Odùdúwà through his ELÈGÚN (Medium). Baba Odùdúwà makes questions to put people to Think, to ponder… Baba Odùdúwà ask: Life is Perfect? Where did you were 20 years ago, and where you are now? It’s worth ...

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About the Knowledge of the Spirits after Death

When one dies and is Judged after Death, the Soul enters in a State of Consciousness of Depuration or Purification, in that moment You don’t FEEL as a Human, You lose all Human Feelings, all Carnal Passionate Feelings, Anger, Rage, ...

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Quote Of The Day

Demonizing one’s Ancestors ways of lives is anti-civilization… Cc – Omo Oba

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egungun oyo

Over 50 Egungun came out to give Iwure for the Alaafin of Oyo.

Egungun Festival Oyo 51 Egungun from different compounds came to give Iwure (prayer) for the Alaafin of Oyo. Jenju Alapinni Mahuru Alaafin Elegbaa Oya Alaodi Paje Ojebode Olonnu Iseke Panlaya Olotefon Olukotun Asalu Oba Lebe Oje Agborako Pekepeke Alapinni Irunmole ...

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As a kid, I would follow the Egungun ensembles – Ifa Dare

Of all the traditional Yoruba festivals, Egungun (I.e. Masquerade) festival was undoubtedly my favorite. As a kid, I would follow the Egungun ensembles from their respective compounds to the King’s palace. My favorite Egungun, by far, was Andu (image not ...

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fake oluwo

Shocking – How did AbdulRasheed Akanbi become an Oba?

“The suffering confronting Nigerians was as a result of idol worshipping allegedly practised by many monarchs in the country. The President of Nigeria, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari should invite all monarchs in the country to a meeting and urge them to ...

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