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Iya Dollmaker is BACK!

An epiphany struck me today, actually it was a reflection and spiritual moment. People have been asking me about my journey with dollmaking and actually two parallel paths were created because the dollmaking led me to Ifa and Orisa.

About six years ago, I remember an Ifa priest reading my blog insights on my Black Maddonna dolls and she was the first person to call me Iya Dollmaker. It only made sense, because in an indigenous community, people are associated by their type of trade or vocation. The “entitlement” of Iya Dollmaker was a source of pride for me and I loved it, until …. a falling out with that person soiled my love of the title, so I stopped using it, preferring Orisanmi.


Since not many people will know of this information and since there is no use in crying over spilled milk, I won’t go into details, but that person has transitioned and we never resolved our issue; however, TODAY, as I was thinking of reclaiming “Iya Dollmaker”, I heard her voice so distinctly reaching through the veil, “But that is who you are!” Tears started streaming down my face and wouldn’t stop because I realized that I allowed one person to influence me – not in a way that stopped me from doing what I do – but in a way that affirmed me. It’s not that I needed any one person to define me, but it was an acknowledgement of one particular gift that I possess as a gift to the Ifa Community and beyond.

Yes! I am Iya Dollmaker –I’M BACK!

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