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History 101: What it takes to be a MENTALLY ENSLAVED FOOL in Your ancestral Land.

History 101: What it takes to be a MENTALLY ENSLAVED Harlequin in Your ancestral Land.

The quote for today is a page from Toyin Falola’s book, ‘Yoruba Warlords of the 19th Century’. To a lot of Yoruba Muslims. Islam means servitude to Usman Dan Fodio’s estate at Sokoto. They indulge in the same idiocy that led to the fall of the great Hausa civilization. Many Yoruba Muslims from Oyo are a dangerously brainwashed set of people that would pose future danger for the preservation of Yorubaland like their ancestors who pledged allegiance to Ilorin and revealed many of the warfare secrets of Oyo.

leading to Emir Shitta’s decision to send Jimba. The general of his slave army to Oyo. With the role of confiscating all the Egungun dresses during the reign of Alaafin Amodo. This Egungun mysticism is the secret behind the expansion of Oyo from a boarder post kingdom into the greatest empire of the lower Niger. It was introduced during the reign of Alaafin Ofinran. This was the time the head of the Egugun mysteries called Alapini was added to the Oyomesi. The throne at Sokoto is the origin of many setbacks to Yoruba country.

When Salih, popularly known as Alfa Alimi put plans in place to get rid of Afonja and take the throne of his ancestors. He brought warriors who fought the Jihad at Sokoto. Some of them were led by one of his elderly sons. Abdulsalam, the warlord who would later rise politically at Ilorin to become the first Emir.

It was from Ilorin that many invasions into Yoruba heartlands led to the mass capture of Yoruba people who were sold into slavery at the coast.

One of the cities razed down at this time was Oshogun and one of the future legends captured from this city was Ajayi Crowther. With all the raiding and capture of Yoruba cities, a portion of the captives were sent to Sokoto as tributes to Sultan Belo. After the visit of Clapperton to Sokoto. with the desire of Europe to have a bilateral relationship with the caliphate.

Sultan Belo developed a near obsession for Yorubaland. When his emissaries gave him news of the country. He was amazed. In one of his writings, he wrote that. ‘Yaorubaland is an extensive province containing rivers, forests, sands, and mountains….. Also many great and extraordinary things.’ At the battle of Otefan, when Ilorin saw the massive army led by Oluewu and Eleduwe of Bariba to meet the Emir in battle, Shita sent a message to Sokoto for help.

Sultan Belo sent 17 generals from his military base at Rabbah ( the birthplace of Ahmadu Belo, Sadaurna of Sokoto) leading calvary horsemen of close to 100,000 warriors. Thanks to the Military prowess of the Baribas and Oyo warlords, Ilorin was defeated in battle. Ojo Amepo… one of the legendary Kakanfos at Oyo, salvaged the Oyo army and built a coalition army of soldiers from Oyo and Ikoyi.

The future great Kakanfo Kurunmi fought under his banner. When he finally fell in battle against the caliphate due to treachery from within, his soldiers dispersed and many of the cities he protected in Yorubaland were evacuated. This was what led to the migration tensions in Yoruba country. the origin of the Ife/Modakeke crisis. Owu/Ibadan tensions. Egba/Ijaye fights and Ibadan/Egba wars.

All these tensions resulted from mass migrations from the North, by Yoruba people fleeing from the caliphate. Nigeria today, thorough treachery places the throne of Sokoto as the supreme authority for Islam. This happened during the junta of Babangida. The Kanuri people who are mostly Muslims rejected this. But many Yoruba Muslims.

Like the mentally enslaved idiots that they embrace overlords that nearly destroyed their heritage in the name of religion. The cognitive dissonance is why many mentally damaged religious slaves of Abraham do not understand why a man who rates Sokoto above Ife is not fit to rule the Oyo kingdom.

Many Hausa people were Muslims when Usman Dan Fodio launched his Jihad. Like the stupid Yoruba people who believe religion over DNA determines brotherhood in nationhood, they fell for a scam and today, they are second-class citizens in their ancestral home. To associate with the very throne that caused so much pain and sorrow to your ancestors in the name of religion is to be a MENTALLY ENSLAVED FOOL.

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