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History 101: What it takes to be a MENTALLY ENSLAVED FOOL in Your ancestral Land.

History 101: What it takes to be a MENTALLY ENSLAVED Harlequin in Your ancestral Land.

The quote for today is a page from Toyin Falola’s book, ‘Yoruba Warlords of the 19th Century’. To a lot of Yoruba Muslims. Islam means servitude to Usman Dan Fodio’s estate at Sokoto. They indulge in the same idiocy that ...

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The implication of eliminating one’s Original beliefs (Loss of Identity)

The elimination of your own original beliefs and replacing them with a foreign one usually leads to regrets. Such loss of identity can result in increased levels of generalised anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, a loss of self-confidence, social anxiety, isolation, ...

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Yoruba Festival

Yorùbá is just too sweet and interesting.

Yorùbá!!! Ogún = 20 Ògùn= Charm Ogun= War Ogún= Inheritance Òógùn= Sweat Ógùnn= long Ógúunn= To stab Ógùún= To climb I wonder why our parents chose English language over this beautiful language. Are you one of those parents that regarded ...

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onka ede yoruba

Check out these 4 different Yoruba words and their English translations

Enclosed are four different Yoruba words and their English translations: Ogún = Twenty Ògùn= Charm Ogun= War Ogún= Inheritance These four words are visually the same, save for the visible accent marks, but they’re phonetically and denotatively different. Consequently, without ...

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Yoruba Festival

Quote of the day: Culture and Traditions

“We should endeavour to preserve some of our culture and uphold our traditions, especially those aspects of our cultures and traditions that have survived intense intellectual review on a moral scale and found acceptable to ultra-moral conscience and uniqueness. What ...

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Yoruba tradition

Yoruba tradition does not affect Christianity or Islam – Retired Bishop Ayo Oladigbolu !

Culled from The News Nigeria Newspaper  Retired Bishop Ayo Oladigbolu recently spoke with Gbenro Adesina about the Yoruba tradition and culture; calling on Nigerian leaders to be servants to their people Q: As a Christian religious leader also involved in ...

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Should men step in and keep up traditions?

With more women taking on non-traditional roles eg working corporate jobs … should men step in and keep up traditions? Would men baby backing be seen as incorrect? Or would people adjust and feel its a necessity so no problem? ...

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Is the tradition of paying a Bride price and consulting before marriage no more?

Do they no longer perform rituals on bride as she sits..aga Iyawo? These important rites might help the 50% failure rate in the diaspora..or anywhere for that matter? Ifa knows more than the eyes and heart.

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