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Why do some Omoluabi (Yoruba) sometimes leave their usage of words and result in using borrowed words?

For example, Jimoh instead of Eti. Some will even say “Jimoh Oloyin”.ki ni itumo Jimoh Oloyin?
Some Arabic words that found their way into names Yoruba

Atalata — Tuesday,

Alaruba— Wednesday

Alamisi- Thursday,

Jimoh for Friday.
Yoruba doesn’t need to be loaned days of the week from Arabic.
Loaned words should only occur if a particular culture doesn’t have equivalents.

The standard words for the days of the week are :








The seven-day calendar was made up to adapt the Gregorian calendar brought by the colonialists. The Yorubas already developed their advanced calendar system before the Gregorian calendar was introduced. Yoruba calendar was called the Kojoda and according to the Yoruba Kojoda, we are now in the year 10065 (Gregorian is 2023).
The traditional Yoruba days of the week are

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