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256 odu ifa Signatures © Ifa University Photo/Moyo Okediji
256 odu ifa Signatures © Ifa University Photo/Moyo Okediji

Odu Ifa – Òfún Òdí

“Most of the time, our problems comes from within sometimes due to lack of cooperation or probably the absence of true love, this is what gives outside force ways to penetrate. Like the Yorùbá people use to say that:

B’íkú ilé ò bá pa’ni
T’òde ò lè pa’ni

If there’s no negative force within
Enternal force cannot penetrate.

Even in the Sacred Odu of Ifa Òfún Òdí, ifa explains that:

Ó fún mo ní’dìí ìlàpe
Díá fún Eni tí wón ń se ní’lé
Tó l’óde l’àrùn ti ń sè’un
Ebo wón ní ó se
Ó gb’ébo, ó rú’bo
Njé èyin ò gbón o
Èyin ò m’òràn
Èyin ò mò pé ilé l’ogún-ún wà
Tí ń pa’ni

It blocked the child’s anus
This was ifa’s declaration for the person who has being attacked from within his home
But who assumed that his attackers were outsiders
He was adviced to offer Ebo
He complied
Now, you lack wisdom
And you have no understanding
Don’t you realize that it’s the war within home
That kills one?

After blaming this and that person, picking on witches and wizards, have we asked ourselves if we are the cause of our problem? What if the problem is from your own people? How can an outsider know the way in without someone inside showing the way?

Truly, it is normal for one to feel that one is loved by one’s household; therefore, one will have no reason to think that threat could come from there. This however is far from truth. One needs to put it at the back of one’s mind that while keeping an open mind towards everyone, there is nobody excluded from showing hatred against other people.
Àború Àboyè!!!”

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