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Iwure Ori

Orí mi, gbe mi o! (My Orí, support me)
Ori lo da mi (Ori is my Creator)
Eniyan ko o (It is not man)
Olodumare ni (It is Olodumare)
Ori lo da mi (Ori is my Creator)

Ori Onise (Ori, the competent Creator)
Apere Atete gbeni ju Orisa (He who is faster in aiding one than the Orisa)
Ori atete niran( He who instantly remembers his devotee)
Ori lokun (Ori is valuable)
Ori nide (Ori is jewelry)
Ko si Orisa ti dani gbe leyin Ori eni (No Orisa can favour one without the consent of one’s Ori)
Ori ni seni ta a fi dade owo (It is Ori that aids one for one to be crowned of money)
Ori ni seni ta a fi tepa ileke woja (It is Ori that bless one for one to be using beaded walking stick even to the market)
Ori ni seni ta a fi lo mosaaji aso oba (It is Ori that bless one for one to be using valuable cloths)
Ori gbe mi (Ori, please, support me)
Ori la mi (Ori, please, bless me)
Ori ma pada leyin mi (Ori, please, never turn against me)

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Orí is the first Òrìṣà to be praised. It is our connection to Àṣẹ. It is the one that guides, accompanies and helps person since before birth, during all life and after death and assisting in the fulfillment of one’s destiny. It is very important to take care of one’s Ori, to propitiate and to talk to it for greater harmony in life. Orí huuuuu