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#EsuIsNotSatan: I’m ESu Ola Ilu (Must Read)

I am one among the delegated Irunmoles of Olodumare
Therefore, I am a messenger of Olodumare
I stand as intermediary between Ajoguns to the Orisa and Omo Eniyan
I stand as prosecutor to defaulters of the Instructions of Olodumare
You can also call me the first Law Enforcement Agent
I stand for Justice and Equity
All my actions fall within the Jurisdiction of Obligations as instructed by my Creator (Olodumare)
All attribute as Power, Wisdom, Knowledge and skills are all given to me by Olodumare for the purpose of my mission on Earth
I have no desire for praises or worship that belongs to Olodumare
I do not have the power, might, gut or Nerve to contest the position of Olodumare
I’m also accountable to Olodumare
I consent to the supremacy of Olodumare
Iba Olodumare Agotun ooooo
I am Esu OlaIlu
Okiri oko
Okiri Oko
Keesu Gba !!

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