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Culture quote

Quote Of The Day: Culture ! (#PlsTellOoni)

“When the cultures and values of a society become politicized and monetized, Things Fall Apart.” (#PlsTellOoni) The qoute above is from a Book,  standard reading for German high schools and in some states in the US. An Ooduarere.com reader  studied the ...

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Olodumare (GOD ) In Yoruba Ifa & Orisa Is Monotheistic: See What Odu (Ifa Verse) Osa Otura Says !

Written by Baba’alawo Pele Obasa Obanifa, The concept OLODUMARE has been misconstrued by many,this is due to unwarranted and unjustifiable colonial exploration and exploitation by our colonial masters ,they use foreign religion to enslave African. They claim we practice polytheism. To ...

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God of the Yorubas irunmoles

#PlsTellOoni: The God of the Yorubas – (Olodumare) is not the same God, the Jews & Christians call their god, Christopher Omodunmi.

Perhaps, you are the one who is acustely nescient and benighted about the history of so many Gods and so many man – made religious beliefs, Christopher. Continue after the page break. You are blessed for seeking information.

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Igbakeji ooni of IFE abormination

Ooni Of Ife is not the Igbakeji of Oyinbo Jesus, See Why (Access to Information is Powerful)

To those who are supporting the Ooni of Ife, this is how the idea of divine right of kings works: In the Yorubaland, Olodumare is the mythological father, and the Ooni Adimula is his vicar on earth. Continue after the ...

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What Is The Position of Ooni among Okanbi’s children? Is Ooni a King?

It is a well thought point that deserves commendation.  Oduduwa begat Okanbi. Oduduwa is the first Ooni. Ooni is the shortend version of the appelation of Arole Oduduwa. Oonile is the owner of the land. He is also Oonirisa. He ...

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ooni OF_IFE_abormination

The Ooni of Ife Regarded as “Igbakeji Orisa”, disowns Orunmila, other Irunmoles (An Abomination ?)

According to Punch Publication, the new Ooni of Ife said, “I have no regrets whatsoever for kneeling down to exalt the almighty God who did not only create me, but also kept me alive, saw me through all the storms in ...

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She Has Helped Me A Lot But All She Wants in return is Marriage

I met a young lady after my service year in 2013, yet then she wasn’t working, we met and began dating. Two months to our relationship she landed a job and has being supporting me fiscally in light of the ...

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Àróbá baba ítán: Oral tradition is the key of history

Aboru Aboye ooo “Bó omodé kò bá mo ìtàn Ó ní láti bá àróbá Àróbá baba ítán If a child does not know history He/she must have the knowledge of oral tradition Oral tradition is the key of history….. These ...

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Ogbe Rikusa ifa Divination

Wow! Ifa is more Civilized than anything known to Man, see one of its verses (Ogbe Rikusa) !

Before reading please take note of the following. Baba’alawo or Iyalawo is Ifa Chief priest  or priestess that studies  or interprets Odu Ifa after initiation. Ifa has 16 stanzas. Each stanza has about 495 verses. ( Odus/Odu Ifa). Baba’alawo or Iyalawo (Ifa ...

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