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God of the Yorubas irunmoles

#PlsTellOoni: The God of the Yorubas – (Olodumare) is not the same God, the Jews & Christians call their god, Christopher Omodunmi.

Perhaps, you are the one who is acustely nescient and benighted about the history of so many Gods and so many man – made religious beliefs, Christopher.
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  1. If you want to know, it is a very important argument as to why the Ooni should bow down for any other God apart from Olodumare. In actual fact Olodumare has the same parallel meaning to God in Christianity and Allah in Islam. Having gone through research dating back before Christ, one can actually decipher the fact that these two latter religions actually gained their inspirations from the much ancient and more spiritual Ifa religion. The Ooni can be excused, but because of the hypocritical principle or ideology that the western civilization brought to us and the perceptions when we were growing up as children, that any form of traditional worship is fetish and therefore they are meant for satanic and Idol worship. We were made to believe that any form of worship has to either be through Christ or Mohammed otherwise it would be regarded as fetish. This was the turning point where Africans became enslaved mentally, spiritually and physically and thus we began to lose the values, beliefs and statutes that once made Ifa worship the genuine doctrine. The fact that our custodians even displayed inferior stance towards the Western and Islamic civilization, which out of having properly packaged themselves and their ways of life, make them look and feel more superior. When you enter into a mosque or Church, you are taken in by the architectural outlook, the usually clean and well articulated, organised and scented environment that you would come across, compared to a typical African shrine, where the architectural, spiritual or environmental outlook is off-putting. The typical environment in a Babalawo’s shrine is nothing to write home about, even though you can feel their powerful spiritual presence, the place is not made to attract a newcomer or someone trying to adopt the faith. It is therefore not a bad thing for the Ooni to worship Olodumare in the church, even if he choose, he can decide to worship Olodumare in the mosque. ‘Olodumare’ is everywhere and can be worshipped anywhere and in any form, so long as your prayer is being directed towards the Omnipotent, Omnipresent…He is the same everywhere. There is a very strong need to repackage the Ifa doctrine. When you encounter any South American from Brazil, Cuba, Argentina or in the carribbean, you would be surprised and put to shame as to how important and serious these people appreciate and organise the Ifa worship. This is the religion and heritage that we choose not to appreciate or throw away in the stead of Western and Arabic religion.


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