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The Ooni of Ife Regarded as “Igbakeji Orisa”, disowns Orunmila, other Irunmoles (An Abomination ?)

According to Punch Publication, the new Ooni of Ife said, “I have no regrets whatsoever for kneeling down to exalt the almighty God who did not only create me, but also kept me alive, saw me through all the storms in my, life-journey and eventually crowned me as the custodian of Oodua race.”

Olodumare/Eledumare created heavens and Earth, sent Orunmila to creat Ile Ife (The Earth). The first Ooni of Ife and the rest were regarded as “Igbakeji Orisa“, the custodian of all Irunmoles and Oodua race according to Yoruba Mythology.

Lets break it down.

Irunmoles/Orisas are depicted by the western civilization with small letter g (Lesser god to theirs, mainly Jesus). Just to make sure it’s not in the same line with their God. Jesus! The same way you will never hear them assign or use the word Chief to address any of their Kings or Queens but would rush to do that with African Kings.  

So naturally Orumila = Jesus (Written as capital letter God as well but not the Almighty GOD of heavens and Earth but the one sent down to Earth just like Orunmila was sent down to Earth by Olodumare the GOD of heavens and earth in Yoruba Mythology)

“So please take note here that an Irunmole/Orisa is in the same position as God. In Yoruba Civilization, Irunmoleis a messenger of Olodumare. He has direct link to the creator of heavens and earth (Olodumare is most high GOD) and the first Irunmole / God that created  Ile Ife (The Earth) is Orunmila and he brought Ifa  as guidance from the most high Olodumare (GOD) of heavens and Earth.

Now what  does the New Ooni of Ife mean when he said, “he’s the Custodian of Oodua race but not of Irunmoles/Gods/Orisas ?

Some would argue that  Real Yoruba Oba (king) doesn’t attend church just like King of Saudi Arabia and Emperor of Japan will never worship at any other place than Mosques and Temples respectively.

Queen of England is the head of Anglican church worldwide.  Ooni of Ife is the second  in command of all Olorisas worldwide and is regarded as Orisa himself whenever he puts on his Ade Ori (Crown).

Some also said, “there’s is no reason for Ooni to worship at any other place than the Shrines and Temples of Obatala, Oduduwa, Ogun, Orunmila and other numerous Irunmoles that descended at Oke-Ora, Ile-Ife.

“There should be no compromise on the part of the newly elect Ooni, the ADIMULA, the savior of the Yoruba race to attend any church or mosque. He must not compromise his mandate unless his dynasty has been conquered by the Queen, the head of the Anglican church.”

Is it an Abormination to be leader of Oodua race but not be the second in command of all the Inrumoles in Yoruba Mythology ?

Igbakeji Orisa


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  1. omotola Ladoja

    This ooni is a stupid puppet. Tinubu, you have lost everything now. This is red-line.. #PDPPlsComeBack Tinubu has sold us out.

  2. Nigeria Property

    I am disappointed in Ooni of Ife. This bad for Yoruba civilization. Is he not exposed or what ? He does not understand ni ?

  3. Segun Adewake-up

    This is really sad. So na so e go dey dey ??ooni you should know better. Now if I carry gun to deffend my people, they will say we are terrorist. Is’nt this enough to be a terrorist ?? WIll Queen of England allow this ? Can she bow to the same Olodumare in the Shrine ??

    Has she even ever visited any of our shrines ??? ooni your days are numbered.. Esu will surely catch up with you.. The olodumare force law enforcer, Esu will catch up you..

    Sold out slave bastard.. omo ale jati jati..

  4. Abiodun Isaac Taiwo

    APC finally betrayed us. Tinubu installed puppet is killing our tradition.. Our culture..

  5. Kemi Fabode

    Why did Ooni do that ? He surely stepped on people’s nerve

  6. Insulting languages and words that are meant for the gutters been thrown at the Ooni is a clear indication that the Yoruba race has lost all her sense of responsibility and the core value of a typical Yoruba man – the OMOLUWABI value.
    If because we have access to the social media and the freedom to speak out, must we not coat our comments and opinions with the toga of a well bred individuals instead of acting as if we belong to columns of area boys?
    The Yorubas are quick to make reference to the likes of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, G.O.K. Ajayi, the Lambos, Wole Soyinka, Ola Rotimi, Bola Ige, and a host of others living and dead as core Yorubas that are worthy of emulation. I have read and observed top Yoruba men and women including Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and wish to say without any inhibition that they all held our Obas in very high esteem. I have checked and found none of them to have openly insulted our Obas no matter what.
    The Yoruba Oba is not just any Oba, he is king over everything and anything within his kingdom. He is the command itself. He is the law . He is the beginning and the end in all affairs. The Ooni is never a custodian of any irunmole . This need to be noted . Ooni himself is the ultimate irunmale that is worshiped all over Yoruba land. Any Yoruba that worshiped Alale, Oodua, Onile and all other cultural rites or ritual is worshiping the progenitor of Yoruba race able represented by Ooni the Arole Oduduwa. How can an Irunmole be the custodian of other Irunmales? The term Alase Ikeji Orisa is not been taken for its true meaning. The Orisa been referred to is not an irunmale but ORISA OKE which is Eledumare. It is high time our children learn more about our culture. Ooni is above that reference to lower entity, he is more than that. Kabiyesi Oonirisa

    • I think the part you are missing is.. Ooni of Ife is only regarded as an Irunmole/Orisa whenever he puts on his Ade ori (Crown) meaning he has full control and anything he says at that time becomes reality or must be done.. The moment he’s not wearing his crown, he become igbakeji Orisa.

      Now makes more sense when you compare it today to the reality on ground.. and could as well be worldwide accepted.. Giving the society we live in today.. How many of you know that the Governor of Osun state has the power to dethrone Ooni of Ife ??

      Now tell me, what are we saying ?? Now that is the main damage the colonial masters did and now the reason you see this insult on all Yoruba race.. Ooni worshiping Olodumare in church..

      THis is the height of all insult to the Yoruba civilization..

      • So Ooni should not worship Olodumare? So what do you want him to worship? Now, I understand that all those who have been making comments that a Creature worshipped his Creator have problems which require only divine attention.

        • Nobody is saying ooni should not worship Olodumare. Everybody is saying that it should not be through queens of england Aglican church. ooni could go to the shrine or baba alawo to wroship Olodumare but not the church. He is not the second in command of Jesus, a foreign god or foreign civilization neither is he the second in command of mohammed. For that reason, he should worship Olodumare in Shrine.

          And Olodumare in Yoruba Mythology is not the same thing as Jesus, or foreign god. Jesus and god created satan they could not control..

          But Olodumare did not create Satan. esu is not satan but messenger of Olodumare which is under his control. Now that is the difference between the two Olodumare.

          So Ooni should not tell me he does not know this, he’s just bowing down to the queen of England’s anglican Church. That is sad of him. I am completely disapointed him. The last Ooni of Ife was also a Christian but did not worship in any church because he knows more about Yoruba traditions.

          Now this is crossing the redlines.

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