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“I’m the custodian of Oodua race but not of all the Irunmoles (Gods) in Yoruba land” – Ooni, After bowing to Jesus

As explained in a previous post about Ooni of Ife bowing to a foreign civilization instead of that of Yoruba Civilization which is not an abomination but may introduce a conflict of interest for an Ooni of Ife to ask for guidance (that is pray to Eledumare ALMIGHTY GOD/GOD of heavens and Earth) using any other religious ideologies other than meeting with a Baba’Alawo (Ifa Chief Priest) to consult Ifa for Guidance or going to the Shrine. Everything he needs is written in Ifa. All he needs to do is go to the nearest Baba’alawo to consult Ifa for guidance or what Ifa says.

There is a huge difference here between western religious ideology  Jesus/God  and Yoruba Orunmila/God. Also the most high GOD Almighty Olodumare.
In Yoruba civilization, Olodumare ( the GOD of heavens and earth) did not create what he could not control. i.e Satan
The foreign civilization, Jesus and GOD (of heavens and earth ) created Satan which obviously has no control and that is why satan has its followers on earth, meaning those that are doing bad things on earth are regarded as followers of Satan.

It was when the colonial master came,  they dis-informed the masses to thinking Esu is the same as Satan. No, there is a big difference between the two.  This is where the conflict of interest is. When Ooni claims he bowed down to the same Almighty Olodumare. It’s obviously not the same Olodumare (GOD of heavens and Earth)  Orunmila receieved Ifa as guisdance from back in the day.
It is a religious scam or propaganda to  equate Satan in the Bible to Esu.  The logic played by the colonial master is simple. You have an established model people are used to. Now to sell a new product or ideology to the group of people or race you need  to look for something to turn them against what they already have so you can successuly sell or market your own model or type of civilization. This is the trick behind the colonial masters equating  Satan in the Bible to Esu in Yoruba mythology. The simple truth is, Esu is not Satan.
See how it was reported by Punch after the page break.

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  1. Balogun Adesina

    I am sad honestly. Ooni of Ife should know better. He should be more open and civilized first.. Is that he has never travelled abroad or what ???

    This is obviously not my ooni of ife. PDP please come back already, APC has betrayed us. Sold us out finally..

  2. Segun Akerele

    This is an outright stupidity at maximum level… Yoruba Civilization is now facing extinction just like Odinani.. The Igbo already did.. this is the work of the Jagaban.. Tinubu, Sango will strike you with thunder.. Orunmila is not happy with Tunubu.. for this..

  3. Adekunle Opeyemi

    THis is a betrayal of trust in Oodua. Ooni said he’s the custodian of Oodua race but not of Irunmoles ?? What are you doing on the throne then ?

  4. Gbolahan Sotomi

    THis is where Esu is needed to quickly correct the deeds.. Meanwhile esu is not Satan but the first law enforcer.. This ooni does not know anything about OOdua..

  5. Tony Balogun

    Ooniis foolish tinubu puppet..What do you expect a puppet to know except be a puppet. A foolish one.. This is sad.. Soon, you will see shrines being burnt and this bastard son of foreign puppet religion look the other way..

    Koni dafun Ooni ile ife ati tinubu.. Awon olo jati jati.. PDP please help..

  6. omotola Ladoja

    Ooni is Omo ale jati jati installed by Tinubu, now we need PDP to dethrone this bastard. av you seen Queen of England in Shrine

  7. Nigeria Property

    Ooni is not a custodian but foreign slave puppet and Tinubu’s local puppet. You are not first among Equals in Yoruba Mythology.

  8. African Shop Online

    Huni, you need bitchslapping back to your senses.. puppet deserve no respect at all. You are not my Ooni..

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