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Must Read: The Yoruba spiritual system

The Yoruba spiritual system is not a “revealed” religion made up by a clergy of conartist prophets as seen in Constantine’s Christianity or Muhammad’s Islam less than 1,700 years ago.

The Yoruba spiritual system, like all indigenous African systems, was developed over hundreds of thousands of years from the village culture. This was mastered at a time when no Homosapien lived outside of Africa. When the the Black African was not only the first but only practitioner of civilization.

Thus, the nature of the system is about how to achieve harmony in the village. As the village developed into a town and then a city and then a kingdom, the system became more complex in order to deal with larger issues.

However, IFA: Yoruba Scientific Spirituality was never imperialistic like Islam or Christianity which was designed for control over vast territories. This is why the Yoruba system, which is profound in its original form, must be adjusted in order for it to address the communal needs of its intercontinental community. This is a great challenge, for we have seen all other religions fail. However, the same principle that was the pillar of the village is the pillar of the global society. This principle is Iwa-Pele: “Balanced Character.”

(Cameroon, West-Central Africa)
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