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Number 3 EÉTA In The Yoruba Belief

‘Number 3’ (ẸẸ́TA) In The Yorùbá Belief

By Kehinde Adepegba, Ph.DThe Yorùbá consider some numbers as very significant as revealed by their belief system. I (oókan), 2 (eéjì ), 3 (ẹẹ́ta), 5 (aárùn-ún), 7 (eéje), and 8 (ẹẹ́jọ ) are some of their significant numbers. This review ...

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What is Egbe (Egg-beh) in English ?

Egbe (Egg-beh) is a Yoruba word, which literally means society or groups. Egbe Orun (Orun means heaven), is our spirit group or companions associated with us from heaven. Here, “Heaven” means from which ever realm you lived within the universe. ...

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The Science of Yoruba Medicine

By Babalawo Olaifa Ifadamilare When considering traditional Yoruba medicine we must look at it scientifically, not religiously or superstitiously as is often the case. Although the results can be quite miraculous, it is not hocus pocus. We may even be ...

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Top 5 Most Beautiful Yoruba Actresses 2018 (Photos)

Beauty may maintain the attention of the beholder but you will find generally acclaimed standards of beauty. Those who fall in this category look very appealing to everyone. It’s thought that they were created on a monday (Aje). The Yoruba ...

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Yoruba Family

Written by Akin Fagbo Aiyejin Family occupies a pre-eminent place in the live of Yoruba; regardless, every Yoruba child is born into a home, which is a part of a compound or a clan. Family members always trace their descent ...

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#Igbokwenu: So how dare you accuse the #Yoruba of betrayal? (Interesting Read!)

  HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE OF HATRED I had the privilege of attending some meetings of the Yoruba and Igbo Leaders. I was not a leader but a youth who knew how to wash his hands. At one of those meetings in ...

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oyo empire

THE OYO EMPIRE: Alaafin Aole, Afonja, Alaafin Atiba and the Jihadist

In 1817, Afonja of Morin was the Are-Ona Kakanfo – the Head of the Army of the Oyo Empire, under the Alaafin of Oyo – Aole (The King). That year, Afonja sent an empty calabash to the Alaafin Aole, thereby ...

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Yoruba Ancestry: What They Couldn’t See, What We Can See, By Bámidélé Adémólá-Olátéjú

If we get our acts together, educate our children to global standards, we could create a Yoruba regional miracle within the continent with the rapidly growing workforce. Our fathers say the war does not affect the wise cripple. How we ...

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Lagos - Yoruba

Yoruba Now Compulsory for Admission into Tertiary Institutions in Lagos .

All candidates seeking admission into all tertiary institutions in Lagos State must henceforth possess credit in Yoruba Language, the state Yoruba Language Preservation and Preservation Law has said. . According to ThisDay, the law, which became effective last Thursday, would ...

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Yoruba Festival

Check out 5 Cultural Rules Of The Yorubas

The Yorubas are among the major ethnic groups in Nigeria. They’re mainly present in the South-Western area of the country. They’re popular for 2 things-education and culture. In cases like this, we should concentrate on the latter which will be ...

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