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What is Egbe (Egg-beh) in English ?

Egbe (Egg-beh) is a Yoruba word, which literally means society or groups. Egbe Orun (Orun means heaven), is our spirit group or companions associated with us from heaven. Here, “Heaven” means from which ever realm you lived within the universe.

Have you ever felt as if you are alone in this world, all by your self, even though you are a social person, you just cannot seem to make friends? You know you are attractive but you never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend depending your gender, or if you meet someone it never goes anywhere?….no call back for a second date, no contact what so ever? All your school friends have married and have children but here you are not even able to be asked out on a date.

Have you ever heard of women who, every partner/spouse they have had, has either died or gone to prison, or they just do not get along with anyone long enough for that relationship to go somewhere? If you have not personally experienced any of this, I am sure you have met people who has. Often times children, while young and just beginning to talk, will have what we call Imaginary Friends, who they would talk to, play with, eat with and even call them by name…. Having all this in experience, you have to trace your problems goes to your heavenly mates to know what to appeal them to set you free…… Ẹgbẹ́ ooo
Asege akika
amonani ooo…

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