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Chemistry Vs Chemical Engineering

Switching From Chemistry To Chemical Engineering, Please help!

Good evening guys. I’m sorry for the long story. But it’s serious Please
Please I need your opinions on this issue bothering me. I am an Industrial chemistry graduate. I graduated last year and just completed my NYSC. I want to go for postgraduate studies but I am having difficulties in deciding on what to do.

Someone advised me to switch to Chemical engineering, (this will require a 1-year postgraduate diploma course) though I wouldn’t mind if there’s a guarantee I stand a very good chance in the labour market after the PGD and MSC. On the other hand, 2 bros in my area whom I respect so much discouraged me from switching. Both of them believed that it would rather keep me confused instead of help me. That recruiter will consider a candidate with B.Eng in Chemical engineering without a master’s over me, while the chemistry field will consider a chemistry MSc holder over me also.
Bottom line, it’s almost a waste of time especially here in Nigeria that I should just do an MSc in industrial chemistry.

I’m still young though. I Will be 22 on the 27th of this month.

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