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Supreme Court Nigeria

The supreme Court Judgement has done the following things and started a revolution in Nigeria

1. Local government is an equal sub- national federating unit in Nigeria. 2. Nigeria now has three tiers of government namely Federal, states and local government. 3. The local governments will start controlling their finances instead of the state. 4. A local government chairman in Port Harcourt local government or Alimosho local government can be more powerful than some state governors in terms of population, finance and political influence. 5. It will unravel and redefine federalism in Nigeria. 6. The ...

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Sango Character stolen by the West thor

Video: Yoruba Orisas are the inspiration behind X-Men.

The Anglozoo and its Arabo cronies are only good at one thing. They are stealing what does not belong to them. Many super brainwashed followers will not understand this because they already seem to see their ISESE as diabolical but foreign ideology (Absolute corruption of the mind) to be the new norm for 1500 years. Nothing is truly Indigenous to the Anglo-Zionist empire except if it’s stolen. The irritating part – is that they have nothing else to offer yet ...

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U.S. troops withdraw from Air Base 101 near Niamey, Niger

Breaking News: U.S. troops withdraw from Air Base 101 near Niamey, Niger (Video)

USA completed withdrawal from Niger’s Air Base on Sunday. USA troops have completed a withdrawal from their base in Niger’s capital of Niamey. Niger’s authorities in April ordered the U.S. to withdraw its nearly 1,000 military personnel from the country. About 100 Russian troops are also stationed at the same base at the moment.

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