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Egungun festival Oyo state

Our governors are listening to us in Yorùbáland. Slow and steady we shall get there. Between 11-13 July, 2024, Liberty stadium shall be the venue of the Egungun festival. Ticket fee: Free!!!

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Vladivostok

Key statements made by Putin to journalists following his trip to North Korea and Vietnam:

➡️There is nothing new in the treaty with North Korea; the parties have changed almost nothing compared to the agreement concluded in the 1960s, which had expired. ➡️The treaty with North Korea provides for mutual assistance in the event of military aggression. Seoul has nothing to fear in this regard if it does not plan to attack Pyongyang. ➡️Sanctions against Pyongyang are inhumane, and imposing restrictions for political reasons is unacceptable. ➡️Arms deliveries from Seoul to Kiev would be a ...

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kwara ilorin

The Ilorin issue: Calling Yoruba “Odale” or traitors is totally wrong – Aare Kurunmi Kakanfo

Aare Kurunmi Kakanfo Please let’s understand and appreciate the uniqueness of Ilorin and stop all these jibes. The Ilorin issue is complicated and complex because of the Geopolitical intricacies at play. Attacking Ilorin people is counterproductive and totally unnecessary. Let me repeat some fundamental historical facts about Ilorin in a more brutal: manner for my fellow Yorubas who are confused with the costume they saw in the Durbar festival: Ilorin is a savanna power bloc with strong ties to their ...

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Why You Must Boycott any Infertile Hybrid or GMO Maize Products

Why You Must Boycott any Infertile Hybrid or GMO Maize/Products

Plants are like human beings, their only mission in life is to be able to reproduce themselves. Our forefather’s immune systems are already in symbiosis with Mother Nature. That is inclined to the norms that plants can reproduce themselves. Our forefather ate mainly hybrids that can reproduce themselves or purely organic food that has the same characteristics. GMO and other hybrids that cannot reproduce themselves means our digestive system (metabolic system) will be disrupted, unable to absorb more nutrients because ...

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